The 5 Best Marksman Rifles in Warzone Pacific

Marksman Rifles are some of the most underrated weapons in Warzone Pacific. Today, we're going to show you the top 5 Marksman Rifles that are still viable on Caldera.
Warzone Marksman Rifles
The SPR-208 is still pretty damn good. | © Activision

Yep, DMRs are trash, right? Who's using Marksman Rifles in Warzone? After all, the meta is dominated by assault rifles, snipers and submachine guns. But what if I told you that some Marksman Rifles are still viable? And we're not just talking about the one obvious example of the Kar…

If you're looking to mix it up with a Marksman Rifle, here are the 5 best DMRs available in Warzone. Oh, and there's a little surprise in this list that should appeal to those of you looking for something a little… wilder.

Kar98k (MW)

Yeah, let's get the obvious one out of the way. The ever-popular Modern Warfare Kar98k that has dominated the Warzone meta since time immemorial is actually not a sniper at all. It is classified as a Marksman Rifle in both Modern Warfare and Warzone – in contrast to the Vanguard Kar, which is considered a sniper. Despite the classification as a Marksman Rifle, this is still the best aggressive sniper in the game, and remains significantly faster than all the other options. If you like to push aggressively, but still want to snipe, you simply have to try the Kar98k. Here is our best Kar98k setup and loadout for Warzone.

Warzone Kar98k MW
Will this ever not be meta? | © Activision

SP-R 208 (MW)

The SP-R 208 is very similar to the Kar98k. It has also long been considered a fast, aggressive sniper in Warzone, but is actually a Marksman Rifle. However, since most players rely on the Kar or the Swiss, the SP-R often goes under the radar – wrongly so, if you ask us. The SP-R 208 has hardly ever been nerfed like the Kar, which is why it's still incredibly powerful. As a bolt-action rifle, like the Kar, it has high damage but a fairly low rate of fire. So if you want to play with this weapon, you should expect an aggressive sniper and not a semi-automatic DMR with a high rate of fire. Here is our best SP-R 208 setup for Warzone.

Warzone SPR 208
Criminally slept on... | © Activision


Introduced to Warzone with Black Ops Cold War, the DMR 14 was absolutely broken to begin with. The DMR has hardly any recoil, a large magazine, great accuracy and shoots almost as fast as you can pull the trigger. If you have a quick trigger finger, you can still down people in record time with the DMR 14. Bur since this Marksman Rifle thrives on its high rate of fire, it's more suitable for medium distances, but should not be used at very long distances. With this DMR 14 setup, you'll chop up on Caldera.

Warzone DMR 14
It's not like it was, but it's still pretty damn strong. | © Activision

Crossbow (MW)

WTF?! You're probably thinking. Yes, we thought so too when we scrolled through the most played weapons on WarzoneRanked and suddenly, the Crossbow appeared as the next Marksman Rifle after the DMR 14. Normally, such outliers can be explained by the fact that this weapon is in the ground loot, but that certainly does not apply to the Crossbow from Modern Warfare.

In any case, we do not recommend the crossbow to everyone, you should really know what you are doing with it. If you can handle it, though, the Crossbow is definitely a fun weapon that takes down enemies with one hit and is completely silent. If you want to try something completely different, you should take a look at the Crossbow – but please practice a little beforehand, otherwise it will quickly become frustrating.

Warzone Crossbow MW
Simple, and effective. | © Activision

M1916 (VG)

The M1916 is one of the newer DMRs in the Warzone and relatively powerful for such a weapon. Depending on how you want to play it, it can even be converted to a fully automatic weapon with the appropriate attachments. Needs some practice to be able to control the recoil, but is otherwise a fun weapon. Here is our M1916 setup guide.

A powerful marksman rifle. | © Activision

When Should You Use A DMR Instead Of A Sniper?

When you want to play aggressively. If you want the ability to counter-snipe while staying mobile, then use a Marksman rifle, otherwise use a sniper. If you're looking for the traditional sniper experience; moving through the undergrowth and downing enemies from 400 m, then you should try the HDR. Those who prefer a little more mobility and want to play more aggressively are well advised to go with the more nimble DMRs.

And when it comes to which Marksman Rifle you should use, you have to choose between extremely high damage, but needing to make every shot count (Kar, SP-R, Crossbow), or a large magazine and a high rate of fire (DMR 14, SVT). All Marksman Rifles are extremely accurate and have a good range, but compared to assault rifles, we obviously have to sacrifice mobility and rate of fire. No matter which Marksman Rifle you end up choosing, you definitely need a good support weapon for close combat. Almost all the viable SMGs can be found here, but a nimble assault rifle like the Cooper Carbine can also be a good choice.

That's it for the best Marksman Rifles in Warzone. If you don't like them even after trying the best ones, though, maybe take a look at our sniper or LMG list?