How To Fix The "Current Profile Is Not Allowed" Error In Warzone

If you're looking at the "Current Profile Is Not Allowed" error code, then you shouldn't panic. You haven't been accused of cheating, this is a bug that's been affecting thousands of Xbox users.
Current Profile Is Not Allowed
Polina is not impressed. | © Activision Blizzard

We're not here to talk about all the funny things going on in Warzone right now, like the Godzilla vs. King Kong event, or the fantastic new assault rifle. No, unfortunately, we're here to help you with a far more dull topic: bugs. Yep, Warzone gets a lot of bugs, that's the nature of the beast. And if you're currently getting the "Current Profile Is Not Allowed" error, you're not alone, it's been affecting thousands of Xbox users. Here's an explanation of what causes the bug, and a quick guide on how to fix it.

What Causes The "Current Profile Is Not Allowed" Error In Warzone?

This bug is caused when Warzone (incorrectly) believes players need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play, as with most other multiplayer games. In fact, Warzone is completely free to play online for users with an Xbox Live Silver subscription (the free one).

Raven are aware of this bug and have it marked on their official Trello board. We expect this to be resolved for everyone once they can deploy a patch, but until then, you can actually do some things to try and make it work.

How Do You Fix The "Current Profile Is Not Allowed" Error?

Forcing the Call of Duty servers to re-verify your account is working for some users. To do this, follow these steps and try to get back into Warzone after each one:

  1. Back out to the first menu screen of Warzone.
  2. Close the application completely, re-open the application.
  3. Restart your console or computer.

It isn't guaranteed to work, but unfortunately, there's only so much you can do when dealing with server-side bugs. We have to wait for Raven Software to fix it, but that should happen in a matter of hours rather than days, with a hotfix exclusively for the Xbox version of Warzone.

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