Highrise Coming To Modern Warfare 2!

A new leak gives us a first glimpse at the popular CoD map Highrise in Modern Warfare 2. In the new Modern Warfare 2...

Highrise MW2
This is Highrise in CoD: Mobile. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 jsut launched and the players are all busy grinding camos or unlocking weapons. If you do that every day, you'll get through the current maps relatively quickly and probably are already tired of one or two of them. Fortunately, we already know that we're going to get more soon. As in the past years, we will get new multiplayer maps for MW2 with every new season, and it has already been mentioned several times that at least one "very popular" map should be introduced with Season 1.

Highrise In MWII

The first images and clips of Highrise in the new Modern Warfare 2 have just popped up on Twitter. Some players have already made it to the new Warzone map before the official release of Warzone 2.0 and have now found a POI there that is clearly Highrise. Just take a look for yourselves:

As you can easily see, the roof, with the helipad between the two skyscrapers, is clearly the well-known map Highrise, which first appeared in the original Modern Warfare 2 from 2009. However, it is now also part of Call of Duty Online and CoD: Mobile. Since players have already found the popular map Rust outside of one of the Ground War maps in Modern Warfare 2, it is very likely that one, if not both, of these maps will be introduced as new multiplayer maps in MW2 Season 1.

We would definitely be happy about both maps, Rust and Highrise are both real classics after all. Which old CoD maps would you be most excited about in MW2?

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