The Best MW2 Lachmann-556 Loadout | A Really Good AR

If you're looking for a decent assault rifle in the new Call of Duty, you can't go wrong with the Lachmann-556. Here is the best Lachmann-556 setup and loadout for Modern Warfare 2.

Lachmann-556 loadout
Lachmann-556 loadout | © EarlyGame

Assault rifles are once again one of the best weapon classes in Modern Warfare 2. Since MW2 is a bit slower overall, assault rifles are actually the best weapons in the game, to be honest. The M4 of course takes the top spot again as the easiest weapon to play, but the Lachmann-556 is only marginally worse, if at all.

We compared the values without attachments and the only difference is that the Lachmann is minimally slower and has minimally more recoil, but also does minimally more damage.

MW2: Lachmann-556 Attachment Setup

Lachmann-556 setup
The best Lachmann-556 setup. | © Activision/EarlyGame
Attachment SlotAttachment NameUnlock Level
MuzzleForge-Tac Castle CompensatorM4 Level 18 → Icarus Level 10
Barrel15,6" Lachmann Rapp BarrelLachmann 762 Level 3
OpticCronen Mini Red DotM4 Level 13 → FTAC Recon Level 16 → FSS Hurricane Level 3
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple Vert GripM4 Level 18 → Icarus Level 14
Rear GripLMK64 GripLachmann 762 Level 13 → Lachmann 556 Level 10

With this setup, we try to make the Lachmann-556 particularly effective at medium to long ranges. We pay special attention to range and recoil control to get the best out of the gun. The sight is, as always, a matter of taste, so if you'd rather have something with more zoom, you can also put the Schlager 4x on it.

Note: We do not use overkill in this loadout and therefore need a good pistol as a secondary weapon. We recommend the X13, which is fully automatic like a small pocket SMG, but of course only makes sense in absolute close combat.

Lachmann-556 Loadout: Best Perks & Equipment

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

Here's our favorite perk choice for a weapon like this:

Base Perks

Battle Hardened, E.O.D.

Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate Perk


We've been quite boring again and chose the meta perks. But, you know, they are meta perks for a reason. Battle Hardened and E.O.D. give you a combined passive buff against all types of grenades, while Fast Hands will allow you to reload more quickly. Ghost on the other hand is essential against UAV spam. And trust us, this game suffers from near constant UAV spam.

You can find a complete list of every perk in MW2 here, in case you want to see what else is on offer.

Equipment (Lethals, Tacticals & Field Upgrade)

Here are our favorite grenades and one of the best field upgrades:

Field UpgradePortable UAV

Semtex is easy to use and a great option for a lethal, although if you're comfortable using the Drill Charge we can also recommend it as a very strong Lethal choice. For the tactical we went with the ever-popular Stuns, as these can be used to both check for enemies camping around corners, and to give us an advantage on the push. And to round us out we've taken the Portable UAV for our field upgrade, which is perfect for camping power positions.

We hope you'll enjoy the Lachmann-556. But if you want to see which other weapons are available in Modern Warfare 2, we have a complete list of weapons here.

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