Modern Warfare 2: How To Destroy The Tank In Ghost Team Mission

One of the hardest fights in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign is against the tank of the villain Graves. Here are some tips on how to defeat Graves' tank.

MW2 Graves tank
How to destroy that tank? | © Activision

The campaign of Modern Warfare 2 is already playable before the official release thanks to the Early Access model and is a lot of fun. However, Infinity Ward has put even more focus on tactics and stealth this year than in MW2019. That means fewer enemies, but they are much more difficult – especially the armored guys give us a hard time on the higher difficulty levels. To help you get through the MW2 campaign, we've already explained the new crafting system and even given you the codes for the hidden safes.

Unfortunately, all this won't help you in the penultimate mission of the campaign, where you will have to deal with a big tank. If you're fighting a tank on foot and don't even have a rocket launcher at your disposal, you're out of luck for the time being, which is exactly why we're giving you a few tips for the tank boss fight in Mission 16 of the Call of Duty campaign, Ghost Team,.

Note: In the following we will spoil wildly, so if you want to approach the campaign without being spoiled, you should not read on.

Modern Warfare 2 Graves Tank Boss Fight

The boss fight against the tank takes place at the end of the penultimate mission called "Ghost Team". So by the time you get here, you already know that Graves, the leader of Shadow Company, is a total scumbag. Of course, we have to take this jerk down, so we infiltrate the occupied base where Shadow Company has taken up residence. After shooting your way through the entire base and securing drug lord Valeria, you'll meet Graves at the end of the mission.

As usual for such a sneaky traitor, Graves doesn't face you in a fair duel, of course, but hides in a tank and has infantry support with him at the same time. We also fight the tank in a closed-off arena, in which there are only a few wooden barracks, which are shot to pieces by Graves one by one. So how can we defeat the tank?

  • As soon as you enter the arena and the fight starts, you should get into one of the wooden buildings as quickly as possible to break the line of sight between you and the tank that is constantly passing through the arena.
  • Take care of the few foot soldiers first before focusing on the tank.
  • In each of the buildings, there are orange crates that contain C4. However, you will only receive one C4 charge per crate.
  • Grab the C4, take cover and wait for the tank to pass near you.
  • Throw the C4 at the tank (it can be thrown a few meters and then sticks to the tank). Be sure to stand next to or behind the tank to avoid being blown to pieces.
  • Take cover again and detonate the C4.
  • Repeat the whole thing with the next C4 crates and after three to four C4 charges at the most, the tank is destroyed and you have eliminated Graves.

In itself, the boss fight against Graves tank isn't that complicated. The main difficulty is that the tank can take a lot of damage and the cover options dwindle over time, as Graves gradually reduces everything to rubble. Just try to show yourself as little as possible and interrupt the line of sight to the tank as soon as possible once he has spotted you.

And that's all there is to say about the tank boss fight against Graves. What did you think of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign? Do you like the more tactical gameplay with tougher enemies or would you rather just plow through masses of enemies like before?

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