MW2: How To Fix "Steam Connection Timed Out" Error

Many users trying to play Modern Warfare 2 through Steam have encountered the "Steam Connection Timed Out" message. Thankfully, it's easily fixed, here's the solution for the "Steam Connection Timed Out" error.

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Modern Warfare 2 is full of great content, from the Spec-Ops mode, to the excellent campaign. But it's all for naught if you can't even download the game. And a great many of our readers playing on PC haven't been able to complete the MW2 download recently.

As annoying as the error code is, we can fix it. Here's a brief overview of what causes the Steam connection timed out error, and how to solve it.

MW2: What Causes The "Steam Connection Timed Out" Error?

The "Steam connection timed out" error occurs when trying to download Modern Warfare 2 via Steam, and it's caused by either a download cache error or busy servers. The game begins downloading for a few moments, and then it cancels, and this annoying error code pops up. But don't worry, whether your particular error is caused by being on a busy server or by a download cache error, there are solutions to both.

Check out some of these new movement mechanics when you're back online:

How Do You Fix The "Steam Connection Timed Out" Error?

To fix the "Steam connection timed out" error we will start by trying to reconnect to a different server first, as this is easier, and if that fails then we will try to resolve any download cache errors. Here's how to connect to a different server:

  1. First, cancel any downloads in Steam.
  2. Now close and relaunch Steam.
  3. Try to download Modern Warfare 2 again.

A classic restart. Sometimes it really is that easy (unlike getting all the Mastery camos this year).

Right, if that hasn't worked then you'll want to delete your download cache and try to restart the installation. Here's how:

  1. Open Steam and go to the settings by clicking "Steam > Settings" in the top left client menu.
  2. Go to the "Downloads" tab, and you'll find "Clear Download Cache" at the bottom of this page.
  3. Select "Clear Download Cache" and confirm it when the pop-up asks.
  4. Try to download Modern Warfare 2 again.

And there you have it folks, the solution to fix the "Steam connection timed out" error.

We hope that helped, so you can get back online and enjoy the game. And when you are back online, here are the weapons we think you should focus on levelling:

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