Modern Warfare 2 Safe Code Combinations

In the Modern Warfare 2 campaign there are safes to be found and opened, which contain weapons and crafting materials. For each safe you need a six-digit code. Here is every code combination for the safes in Modern Warfare 2.

Safe Code Combinations
One of the safes you break into belongs to the woman pictured here on the left. | © Activision

If you haven't played the Modern Warfare 2 campaign yet, then you probably saw this headline and thought it was a mistake. But no, there really are safes in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and they're exactly like those found in the Last of Us. In fact, if you're a TLoU fan, then huge portions of the MW2 campaign are probably the closest thing you're ever going to get to DLC for that game. And that's something I never thought I would say.

The devs have used the Modern Warfare 2 campaign to introduce to new styles of missions and mechanics which will become the basis of future Spec-Ops content. And I, for one, know that I'm going to love these Last of Us-style Spec-Ops missions. But let's get to the important thing you need to know when doing these missions: what are the safe code combinations, and what are the rewards in each safe?

Safe Code Combinations In Modern Warfare 2

Safe 1 (El Sin Nombre)

The first safe is from the mission El Sin Nombre.

  • Location: Upstairs in the El Sin Nombre mansion, in a cupboard.
  • Code: 02-02-19
  • Reward: Lockwood 300 Shotgun & Plate Carrier

The Plate Carrier is nice, but you don't really need this safe to complete this mission effectively.

Safe 2 (Alone)

The second safe is in the bizarre (but awesome) Alone mission.

  • Location: On the second floor of a building (in a locked room), midway through the mission.
  • Code: 10-10-80
  • Reward: Silenced pistol & Throwing Knife

This safe is 100% worth it. The silenced pistol makes the rest of the mission so much easier.

Safe 3 (Alone)

The third safe is from later on in the Alone mission.

  • Location: On the first floor of a garage, very close to the second Safe.
  • Code: 37-60-80
  • Reward: Crossbow & Throwing Knife

While the Crossbow is cool, you're close to the end of the mission at this point, so it doesn't matter too much whether you crack the safe.

There is also a 4th safe in the upstairs of the Deli, and the code is 10-15-20, but at the time of writing (October 21) nobody has found a way to access this room yet. We will update you as soon as we discover how to get in.

That was your guide to every safe code combination in Modern Warfare 2. What did you think of this mechanic and this style of mission? Was it too slow for your taste, or, are these really some of the best missions in CoD history?

For more crazy new additions to Modern Warfare 2, check out this vid:

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