New OP Weapon brings Back DMR-Meta

Players claim the new MMR in Warzone 2 is too overpowered and could bring back the MMR meta from the old DMR-14 days in Warzone 1. Is that true?

Warzone 2 Tempus Torrent
Is the Tempus Torrent really op? | © Activision

Have you played Warzone 1? If so, do you remember the DMR-14? When this gun was introduced to Warzone, it was ridiculously strong. It shredded everything and if you didn't use it yourself, you basically already lost the match. It was one of the most annoying metas to ever exist in Warzone – yes, worse than the stupid R9-0 Dragon's Breath Doof Doof.

Warzone 2 so far did a pretty good job avoiding absolutely op weapons. In fact, there are a ton of guns that are actually viable, and you don't have to stick to only 2-3 weapons if you want to have a chance of winning. Obviously S-Tier guns will help, but just have a look at our Warzone 2 gun ranking and check out all the A-Tier guns.

Well, with Season 2 Reloaded it seems that the first op gun has entered the game... At least some players claim that it will become the new DMR-14. Let's take a look.

Is The Tempus Torrent Broken In Warzone 2?

The Tempus Torrent is the new Season 2 Reloaded weapon and is part of the MMR category. If you want to know how to unlock it and what the best setup is, check out our Tempus Torrent loadout guide. Now, the Tempus is a pretty good gun in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, cause even though it is a semi-auto gun, it has a really high rate of fire, can hold a 50-round magazine and the recoil is also pretty manageable.

But since in multiplayer there are no plates and the TTK is ridiculously short already anyways, those stats don't really make that much of a difference in MW2. In Warzone 2 however, this is a whole new story. With players being able to plate up, damage output and recoil control become way more important and some players are convinced that the Tempus Torrent is way too strong:

New DMR with 50 round mag has zero recoil after the first 2 bullets from CODWarzone

As we can see in this Reddit post, the Tempus Torrent with a 50-round mag doesn't seem to have any recoil after the first 2 shots. This makes it incredibly easy to hit targets on a distance. Since most Warzone 2 weapons have way more recoil than Warzone 1 guns, this actually is a huge advantage. Paired with the high damage of an MMR, this could become a problem.

In our opinion, the Tempus Torrent could actually become the mid- to long-range meta if it doesn't get nerfed soon, but it is in no way as overpowered as the DMR-14 back in the day. The DMR-14 even destroyed players in close combat, which we don't see the Tempus Torrent doing. A Lachmann SMG will probably still outperfom the new MMR in CQC.

So yes, the Tempus Torrent is extremely strong right now and the nonexistent recoil is probably not intended, but we don't actually expect it to be that huge of a problem like the DMR-14 in Warzone 1. Also, as soon as it starts outperforming every other gun, Raven Software will probably be pretty quick to nerf it.

What are your thoughts on the Tempus Torrent? If you want to check out all of the MMRs in Warzone, here is our Ranking:

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