Call of Duty Player of the Month, February 2022: Abezy

Who is EarlyGame's Call of Duty Player of the Month for February 2022? Well, it's time to honour Abezy. What a legend!

POTM Abezy
What a badass CoD player! | © Atlanta FaZe

Once a month, we ask ourselves which player, streamer or content creator deserves the title of "Call of Duty Player of the Month". Over the months we've been considering this, we've had heavyweights like Scump and Aydan, but also smaller streamers like Reiddboy and community favorites and content creator legends like JGOD. With the Call of Duty League back up and running since January, and just heading into the first major, we've chosen a Call of Duty pro once again this month: Abezy! As you can see from the picture above, he is part of the extremely successful team, Atlanta FaZe, and has just entered the first major of CDL 2022 with a score of 5-0...

Who is Abezy?

Tyler "Abezy" Pharris is a long-time Call of Duty pro, but first came to our attention during the days of Call of Duty: WWII. After WWII, he earned a spot on eUnited alongside CoD legends like Calyster, Arcitys, Prestinni and JKap, later joined by Simp. After being very successful on the road here as well, he has now been part of the Atlanta FaZe team since 2019, playing alongside Arcitys, Prestinni and Simp again this year. Atlanta FaZe was able to secure the CDL Championship title in 2021, Abezy's second championship title, but not only that. Abezy was also honored with the Champs MVP title, so he's undeniably one of the best CoD pros out there. Oh, and he shows that to this day, not only live at CDL, but also on his Twitch channel. Take a look at him:

The kid still shaves, and that's exactly why he's our Player of the Month in February 2022!

Why is Abezy our Call of Duty Player of the Month?

The Qualifiers for the first Major of CDL 2022 just wrapped up with Round 3, and as mentioned above, Atlanta FaZe are the only team to move into Major 1 without a loss. Of course, Abezy is not completely uninvolved in this. He even makes it into the Week 3 Top 5 Plays of the CDL. Just watch the clip for yourself:

Badass dude, right? If you want to watch Atlanta FaZe's entire last game against the New York Subliners, you can find it on the CDL's official YouTube Channel. Abezy was long overdue for Player of the Month, and in February, he's given us cause to honor him!

Do you follow the Call of Duty League? Which player do you think also deserves to receive the title? We're looking forward to next month and keeping our eyes open!