Prestige Levels In Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Explained

After years of players complaining about the lack of a proper Prestige levelling system in Call of Duty, we've finally got one again. Well, kinda. Here's how the new "end-game" prestige levels work in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 Prestige Levelling
How will "Prestige Levelling" work in MW2? | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 received a broadly positive reception at launch (you can find our own review here), but already it's time for Season 1 and the release of Warzone 2. So enough talk about the best weapons to start levelling, it's time to get into the meat of the "end-game" progression system.

In the previous few CoD games you would hit level 55 and then when a new season released you had the chance to go higher, to level 155, before being reset back to 55 at the end of the season. It was unrewarding and pointless. However, now they're returning to a more traditional system in which your levels are never reset, and you can keep ranking up. We explain it in detail below.

New Prestige Levelling System In MW2 & Warzone 2

In this new system you can go from level 55 to 250 in Season 1, but you won't be reset to level 55 when Season 2 is released. Instead, the level cap will increase, and you will be able to progress from 250 to 500 (if you have the time). And then in Season 3 the level cap will go to 750, and in Season 4 1000, and so on.

Having a level that persists through seasons will be a popular change. It's not exactly what people want, which is a return to the traditional Prestige system (going from level 1 to 55 up to ten times, until you hit 10th Prestige level 55). But it's a huge improvement on the arbitrary seasonal levelling we had in MW2019, BOCW, and Vanguard.

You will get a new icon besides your name for every 50 levels you rank up, and this now counts as a new "Prestige". So in Season 1 the Prestige icons will be unlocked at these levels:

  • Prestige 2: Unlocked at Rank 100
  • Prestige 3: Unlocked at Rank 150
  • Prestige 4: Unlocked at Rank 200
  • Prestige 5: Unlocked at Rank 250 (the level cap until the end of Season 01)

It's not perfect, but as we said, it's a huge improvement.

Are you happy with the new Prestige levelling system? Or are you still too annoyed at them for adding the worst map in CoD history to MW2? Oh, and if you still need to pick up a copy of Modern Warfare, here's a link to buy MW2.

And here's what else you have to look forward to in Season 1:

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