The Best MW2 RPK Loadout | The Most Powerful LMG

We have the best RPK setup and loadout for Modern Warfare 2 right here. So if you want to play an awesome LMG for a change, keep reading.

MW2 RPK Loadout
RPK loadout | © EarlyGame

In Modern Warfare 2, the most popular weapons are once again the assault rifles. No wonder; they have the perfect range for 6v6 maps and are still mobile enough to make plays with. However, since MW2 is significantly slower than previous CoDs, somewhat sluggish weapons finally have a chance to shine, like the LMGs. And since the Kastov 762 is currently one of the most powerful assault rifle, it is not surprising that the Kastovia platform also provides us with the best LMG

The RPK is the LMG version of the Kastovia or AK platform and packs a punch. The damage is excellent, and the range is good too. But the best thing about the RPK is that it plays like a heavy assault rifle. It's not nearly as slow as other LMGs, so it can keep up well with the assault rifles in multiplayer and even outperform them in terms of damage.

Best MW2 RPK Attachment Setup

RPk Multiplayer MW2 Build
This thing slaps. | © Activision
SlotAttachmentsHow To UnlockTuning
BarrelKAS-10 584mm BarrelKastov 762 to Level 16 → RPK to Level 16Recoil Steadiness Max (+0.5 lb) / Aim Down Sight Max (-0.39 in)
LaserSchlager PEQ Box IVSignal 50 to Level 3Default

Rear Grip

True Tac GripKastov 762 to Level 10 → Kastov 545 to Level 13 → Kastov-74u to Level 15 → Vaznev-9K to Level 10Aim Down Sight Max (-1.00 oz) / Sprint To Fire Max (-0.45 in)


30 Round MagazineTAQ-56 to Level 11 → TAQ-V to Level 15Default
UnderbarrelVX PineappleM4 to Level 19 → 556 Icarus to Level 14Hip Recoil Control Max (+0.80 oz) / Aim Down Sight Max (-0.40 In)

With this setup we're basically trying to turn it into an assault rifle. The muzzle and underbarrel help us massively with recoil control, while all other attachments focus on making the RPK faster. So we're increasing ADS speed as much as we can while retaining the strengths of an LMG.

Note: We don't use overkill in this loadout and therefore need a good pistol as a secondary weapon. We recommend the X12, which can be shot incredibly fast with the right trigger finger.

Best MW2 RPK Loadout: Perks & Equipment

Perks (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Here's our pick of the best perks for the RPK:

Basic Perk

Bomb Squad / Battle Hardened

Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate Perk


We're back to the meta perks here. Battle-hardened and Bomb Squad for a passive buff against all types of grenades, Fast Hands, so we can reload faster (which is always helpful with an LMG), and, of course, we need Ghost to counter the constant UAV spam. After all, you don't want to be showing up on the minimap.

Here we have a complete list of all perks in Modern Warfare 2.

Equipment (Primary, Tactical & Field Upgrade)

Here you can see the equipment picks:

LethalDrill Charge
Tactical Flash Grenade
Field Upgrade Portable Radar / Dead Silence

The Drill Charges are just beautiful. Hear someone behind a wall or footsteps above you? No problem, Drill Charge on the wall or ceiling, and you can catch the enemy off-guard without having to face them. In the tactical slot, we decided to use the popular flash grenades, which can be used to blind opponents,and are absolutely broken in MW2. And for field upgrades we went with the ever useful Portable UAV. But, if you're more of a roamer then try the Dead Silence upgrade instead.

That's about it for the RPK. Check it out, we think it's a damn good LMG for those who don't just want to play the M4 or Kastov 762 all the time.

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