How Does The New Warzone Perk Serpentine Work?

A new perk has been introduced to Warzone. Here's how to unlock Serpentine, and exactly what it does.
Serpentine Perk
Is it going to be meta? | © Activision

Raven Software have been doing an awful lot with perks recently, from the much-needed Ghost perk nerf, to the addition of perks to ground loot. We've been a huge fan of these changes, because Warzone's perk meta had been stale for almost two years. But no longer, now people are running all kinds of setups, and diversity in the competitive meta is always a fantastic thing to see.

Their latest change to perks? They've added a new one called Serpentine with the Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Reloaded update. This perk certainly sounds strong, but will it actually be enough to outweigh the benefits of other perks in its class? Let's take a look.

How Does Serpentine Work?

Serpentine is a Perk 1 that reduces damage by 20% while sprinting. Here's exactly how it's described in game:

Sprinting reduces incoming damage from bullets, fire, and explosions by 20%

How much will that help you? Well, if you think about being shot as you run for cover, and if we assume you had full plate, then you can take the equivalent of about 1 extra plate's worth of damage. It's not going to come in clutch very often, but it absolutely will sometimes. And compared with other Perk 1s, it's probably going to be more useful to you than most other options.

How Do You Unlock Serpentine?

Serpentine has been automatically unlocked for all players, you'll find it in the Perk 1 slot. Well isn't that fantastic, no annoying midseason challenge like the one we need to do for the new Carl Gustaf SMG.

So what do you think of Serpentine? Will you be using this perk or are you sticking with E.O.D. / Cold-blooded? Personally we think it's more valuable than E.O.D. but it's hard to tell whether it's so great it's going to be a must-pick for every loadout.