The Best Warzone Titanium Trials Loadouts | Damage Per Mag Is King

Warzone Titanium Trials is finally playable, and since this mode features a much larger health pool, the gun meta is completely different. We want to give you the best loadouts for this mode, so you can sweat for those 20 wins.

Terminator 1
What are the best Titanium Trials loadouts? | © Activision

Call of Duty introduced us to Iron Trials back in Verdansk, which was a mode where every player had an increased health pool. Now, they are introducing as to a similar, yet different version, known as Titanium Trials. This Terminator style mode, is also going to feature an increased health pool, but the increased life will be in the armor plates rather than the actual player health.

As you can imagine, this mode will have a different meta opposed to standard Caldera, where the TTK is an important factor. Now, with the increased health pool, TTK looses its relevance, and instead, damage per mag is now the most important stat. So, we want to focus on guns with huge mags that have a ton of damage output. With that in mind, lt's check out the best loadouts for this new mode.

Warzone Titanium Trials Best Loadouts

Best Long Range Options

KG M40

The KG is an all round great AR, and is also the best low recoil option for Caldera. This gun, obviously, has no recoil whatsoever, so you'll easily be able to beam people at 200 m, without any problems. This will ensure greater accuracy, which is super important in this mode. 60 rounds might not be enough for this mode, since it is squads, but from an AR standpoint, it definitely is the best option.

KG M40
The best Loadout for the KG M40. | © Activision/ EarlyGame

Low recoil and the 60 round mag are the only reason you need to use this gun, and even though it doesn't deal a ton of damage, the KG still seems to be the go-to option for all BR-modes right now. If you don't like the KG, here are some other great AR options for Titanium Trials:


This LMG never quite took off. When it first came out, it was super broken, but a lot of people didn't have this gun unlocked, so it never really caught on and Raven nerfed it before it could ever take over the meta. After the nerfs, seemingly everyone forgot about this gun, even though it's still a top contender. Now, this gun should see a lot more uses, since LMGs are always a great option in these higher HP modes.

Super underrated, and perfect for Titanium Trials. | © Activision/ EarlyGame

This gun still has barely any recoil, and with this huge 125 round mag, you'll definitely be able to down several players. Yes, it is slow, but do we really care about that? No, not really. Give this gun a try, it may end up surprising you. But if you haven't leveled it yet, here are some other great LMG options for Titanium Trials:

Best Close Range Options

Marco 5

This is the best SMG in the game, or one of them, and due to its huge 64 round mag, it has an insane damage per mag value, which is just perfect for this mode. The Marco is also the fastest SMG, which will come in handy in this mode, since it'll be incredibly hard to down you. The increased mobility is also great, if you want to run an LMG, so you aren't stuck like a sitting duck.

Marco 5 class S4
Speed is the name of the game. | © Activision/ EarlyGame

For increased speed, you can also run the Mark IV Skeletal Underbarrel and Momentum as a perk. This will make you a lot quicker, but you do sacrifice some recoil control. Depends on your play style, but this gun is super flexible, so you shouldn't have any problems in that area.


Yes, that's right, a Black Ops Cold War gun. Even though the Bullfrog isn't meta, it is always a solid option in these kinds of modes, due to the insane mag size. Even back in the day when Iron Trials came out, this gun wasn't meta, but a lot of people just used it, because having an SMG with 70+ rounds will always be good, when your opponents have a ton of health.

Old, but gold. | © Activision/ EarlyGame

I mean, come on, 85 rounds is just absurd for an SMG. You might as well call it a pocket LMG that comes with great mobility. There just isn't a lot to criticize about the Bullfrog, and if you land your headshots, this gun is surprisingly competitive. Other great SMG options include:

And there you have it, two great long and short range options for Titanium Trials. Mix and match as you please, and if you don't like these guns, just use one of the other suggestions we gave you. Will you be grinding out the 20 wins?