Is Amouranth The Next Jeff Bezos?

Amouranth has made a giant investment into Amazon. It makes sense, Amazon owns Twitch, but what on earth is she up to?
Amouranth amazon
Oh, Jeff, what happened to your head? | © Amouranth / Jeff Bezos

Amouranth might be leaving OnlyFans, but she's been busy in a multitude of different ways. Mere weeks after she announced that she had invested a million bucks into Activision, under the guise of helping to solve the company's alleged sex discrimination problems, she announced another major investment.

You really are waiting for us to get on with explaining exactly what Amouranth has purchased, aren't you? You're also not a fan of our rambling either, are you? Amouranth does some pretty whack stuff sometimes, god bless 'er!

Amouranth Spends Absurd Amounts of Money on Amazon Stock

If you're one of Amouranth's many OnlyFans subscribers, I have some news for you: your money is now going towards Amazon. You know, the company that's famous for working people to near-death? Yeah, them. So... you're gonna have to act quick, or you might end up as Amouranths... only... fan... get it?

Okay, in all seriousness, Amouranth picked up 500 shares of Amazon stock, which each go for $2169 USD. That means she would have spent about $1,084,000 USD in total. Wow, is Amouranth the new Bezos? Amouranth Bezos? I mean, he did divorce his wife a while back, and she clearly loves billionaires, so who knows!

Purchased 500 shares of $AMZN at $2169 (via preset limit order as I was definitely doing ‘a water sport” when it happened). Cost about $1,084,000.
Have limit orders in place for $AMZN, $GOOGL, $MSFT. My $2200 Google limit order within stone throwing distance... This is free money