Everyone's YouTube Channels Are Being Hacked.

Big names like Ariana Grande have had their YouTube channels hacked. Why? No one knows...
Ariana grande youtube hack
Show them hackers, Ariana! | © Creative Commons Hacker / Republic

A bunch of hyper-famous rich people have had their YouTube accounts hacked, begging the question "who the hell cares?" Jokes aside, it does seem that there has been a pretty bad breach of YouTube's security systems with artists like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Drake and even Eminem having their accounts compromised.

It seems that the Vevo music network has been quite serious effected. This is huge news, as Vevo is a conglomeration that distributes music video content on YouTube, and represents most massive mainstream artists all over the world. I mean, do you even know a mainstream band who doesn't have a "Vevo"? No, right? Well, they may all have been hacked. That's pretty nuts!

Vevo responded to a request for comment from The New York Post, confirming that a number of Vevo artist's channels had been hacked. The hackers had then uploaded videos to the effected channels, all of which have obviously been since taken down.

Some videos were directly uploaded to a small number of Vevo artist channels earlier today by an unauthorized source... While the artist channels have been secured and the incident has been resolved, as a best practice Vevo will be conducting a review of our security systems.

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber & Co. Have Been Hacked!

The hack was brought to people's attention when a video titled "Free Paco Sanz" was uploaded to Justin Bieber's YouTube account. Paco Sanz is an imprisoned criminal from Spain who was convicted of fraud a couple of years ago. We won't go into who this man is (after all, there's no point giving a criminal free publicity), but the hack does seem to suggest that organizations and people who support him and his cause may have been involved.

A Twitter account, @lospelaosbro, came out and claimed responsibility for the hacks saying "bruh I don't even know which should I hack now". Our response? Well, that would be simple: Bruh, how about you focus on learning how to write a simple sentence before you go hacking people. Honestly, it is pretty nuts that all of these people got hacked, and even more that someone would admit to it.

Since all of this happening, it has already started to become a bit of a social media moment. Lots of fans are tweeting about the hacks and are already in the process of making some pretty delicious memes. We don't approve of such hacks, of course, they are incredibly immoral and... well... completely illegal, criminal behavior. We do approve of the memes, though, and we say thank you to the internet.