Avatar 2: Ending Explained | How The Way of Water Leads Up To the Sequel

The end of Avatar 2 is very striking and moving. It's also packed with information about the next instalment in the saga, which I'm sure you'll find interesting.

Avatar 2 the way of water
The Avatar universe is still gigantic. | © TSG Entertainment

The highly anticipated sequel, Avatar 2, directed by James Cameron, is set to make its debut on Disney Plus. Following a 13-year wait since the original film, Avatar: The Way of Water takes viewers on a breathtaking cinematic journey that leaves them yearning for more.

As the first of four planned sequels, the movie's ending holds great significance as it paves the way for the next installment. In this article, we will delve into the thrilling conclusion of Avatar 2 and explore how it sets the stage for the much-anticipated Avatar 3.

WARNING: this article contains spoilers. We do not advise you to read on if you have not yet seen the film and intend to watch it.

Avatar 2 Ending Explained

The climax of Avatar: The Way of Water revolves around the arrival of Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang) and his group of RDA combatants at the shores of the Metkayina clan. Initially hesitant to engage in conflict, the clan's leaders are compelled to seek revenge when the RDA mercilessly kills a Tulkun, a spiritual sibling of the Na'vi.

The children of Jake and Neytiri embark on a mission to rescue the outcast Tulkun, who has been targeted for elimination after being shot with a tracking dart. Despite their efforts, they fall into Quaritch's clutches, finding themselves trapped in a massive fishing net aboard a boat.

From beneath the water, the enraged whale, Lo'ak, witnesses the plight of the Tulkun. Fueled by anger and distress, the majestic creature thrashes wildly on the seabed before spectacularly launching itself onto the ship.

Those who escape the crushing force of the whale meet equally grim fates, either being "finned" or flung into the water. The despicable whaler, Scoresby, even loses his arm to his own explosive harpoon, providing a deeply satisfying moment for the audience.

While the children manage to break free, a fierce battle ensues between Jake and Quaritch. Mounted on their banshees, they exchange gunfire and engage in a brutal clash, even resorting to biting each other's animals.

Tragically, Neytiri's brother, Neteyam, loses his life while attempting to aid Lo'ak and Spider in their escape. As Neytiri grieves over the loss of her son, Quaritch contacts Jake, offering him a choice: his life for his daughters' lives.

Jake locates Tuk, the outcast Tulkun, but Quaritch holds a knife to Kiri's neck. In a bold move, Neytiri eliminates the remaining RDA soldiers in sight and cuts Spider's chest with her knife, knowing it will provoke Quaritch, who is Spider's father.

Threatening to kill him, Neytiri forces Quaritch to release Kiri. However, just when it seems they are on the verge of freedom, Jake confronts Quaritch face-to-face.

Simultaneously, the others find themselves in grave danger. Tuk is sucked into the sinking ship, with Neytiri diving after her. Spider and Kiri are left alone on the surface as the boat rises and falls like the ill-fated Titanic.

Ultimately, Jake emerges victorious over Quaritch, seemingly ending his life underwater. However, this triumph leaves Jake trapped. Lo'ak comes to his rescue, teaching him how to breathe underwater for survival, while Kiri employs her powers to summon the glowing underwater fireflies, akin to oceanic wood sprites. With the fireflies guiding them, Neytiri and Tuk are safely led to safety.

Yet, there is an unexpected twist: Quaritch has miraculously survived. Spider discovers his convulsing father underwater and, against his better judgment, saves him. Bruised, battered, and abandoned, Quaritch flies off on his own, presumably returning to the RDA base.

The film concludes with Neteyam's funeral, where the golden tentacles of the seabed gently embrace his energy for one final time. Jake and Neytiri are officially embraced as members of the Metkayina clan.

As the camera approaches Jake's closed-eyed face, he declares, "I can't run from it, this is my fortress." Just as in the original film, his eyes open, and the credits roll.

Setting the Stage for Avatar 3

As the credits roll, viewers are left with burning questions and a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead in Avatar 3. Two characters, in particular, hold great intrigue and promise for future developments.

Spider, a mysterious figure with an unknown mother, possesses a dynamic that is certain to evolve and pose challenges for Jake and Neytiri. His relationship with Quaritch hints at a major storyline in the forthcoming sequels.

Stephen Lang, the actor behind Quaritch, suggests that the character will defy expectations, undergoing surprising transformations and displaying qualities of leadership, swagger, and a relentless pursuit of conflict. Audiences should prepare for the unexpected and look forward to the evolution of this captivating character.

Kiri, on the other hand, remains shrouded in mystery. The circumstances surrounding her birth and her extraordinary connection to Eywa, the Na'vi's deity, raise numerous questions.

Does she possess unique abilities or powers? How will her character continue to develop? These enigmatic aspects of Kiri's existence hold great potential for exploration in the next installment.

Avatar 2's ending leaves audiences exhilarated and eager for more. The epic battle, emotional sacrifices, and unexpected twists captivate viewers, setting the stage for a thrilling continuation of the saga in Avatar 3.

With the promise of further character development, surprising storylines, and unanswered mysteries, James Cameron's Avatar franchise continues to captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of cinematic excellence.

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