Top 5 Chris Hemsworth Movies of All Time

Everyone loves Chris Hemsworth, and we can't blame them. The man is a true hunk. Here are his best movies.

chris hemsworth
A true patriot. | © Australian Flag / Chris Hemsworth

There's an old saying in Australia that goes something like this: "A few stubbies short of a six pack". In essence, what it means is "You're stupid, bro". In the case of Chris Hemsworth, this saying applies. Not because Hemsworth himself is a few stubbies short, but because this bloke's such a f**king legend that anyone who dislikes him or talks smack is, most certainly, so short of a six pack that they're basically just hops and water (for the uninitiated, a stubby is a bottle of beer, but jokes aren't funny if you explain them).

You see, the Hemsworth's are somewhat of a cultural icon down under. Why? Well, they're classic Hollywood stars, insanely rich, incredibly sexy, and Aussies. I mean it's certainly a fair shake of the sauce bottle that Chris-o here has made it so deep into the zeitgeist that many don't even realize he's a true blue Australian. Anyway, the guy's just started filming the next Mad Max, Thor: Love and Thunder is on its way, and it's time to rank his top five best films. Don't worry, our choices are going to be pretty predictable.

Seeing as Chris-o has been doing a whole lot of movies since his Neighbours (yes, spelled with a "u") days back in 2002, starring in all kinds of incredibly well-known shows and films like The Saddle Cat (he was "the new vet"), Home and Away and – would you believe me if I told you – Dancing with the Stars, where he placed 5th in the competition? Cool, right? Well, yeah. The dude's a legend. Let's drop the irony now, though, and take a look at some of the best work he has done (and take the mickey out of it, of course)...

Best Chris Hemsworth Movies

Here's the deal: I am not a mad-man, but an ensemble movie like Avengers or Star Trek where Chris Hemsworth plays a small role isn't really a "Chris Hemsworth Movie" so those have not been included in this list.

5. Extraction (2020)

This 2020 Netflix flick featured Hemsworth as a man called Tyler Rake, a former SASR Operator (Special Air Service Regiment, Australian Army), who has turned to mercenary work to, you know, pay the bills and stuff. There's a drug gang, and they kidnap some kids at a party. Chris-o gets a contract to go and find them in Dhaka, Bangladesh and (as the movie's name suggests) extract them. It received pretty good reviews, though Rolling Stone gave it a two-out-of-five stars and said that it was basically not as good as John Wick. Okay, bro, chill out.

4. Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)

This, my friends, is Chris Hemsworth at his sexy finest. He's also a cult leader. Think Far Cry 5, but not s**t. Hemsworth plays Billy Lee who, other than having a hilarious name, takes a bunch of the movie's cast hostage (the characters, not the actual people, this isn't real life). He's a terrible human, of course, which is also kind-of off brand for Chris-o. It suits him here, he really does seem like a crazy person and, as we just said, a terrible human. He's certainly worse than a ham sandwich. Anyway, the movie got okay reviews.

3. Rush (2013)

Did you know that car movies can actually sometimes be okay? Did you know that Chris Hemsworth was in one of those rare li'l nuggets that good ol' Hemsy played a British F1 driver and puts on a fake English accent? What is there not to love? Is there anything I can add to make this movie even better? Perhaps that Chris-o takes his shirt off at one point? Saucy. Honestly, Rush is about a British F1 driver who is really good at what he does. Of course. Because there would be no movie otherwise. It got pretty darn good reviews, too.

2. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

This horror movie came out in 2011 and followed a couple of American college students who want to spend a weekend away at, as the movie's name suggests, a cabin in the woods. There are zombies and s**t and the movie gets scary after Chris-o's girlfriend gets decapitated whilst they're having sex. Kinda. S**t gets wild, okay? Get used to it. It's a Chris Hemsworth movie, he's a legend, and this is a damn-good horror movie. Certainly, one to check out. This bad-boy has 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, so if you doubt me, then just listen to that lot. Deal?

1. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok followed two utterly miserable movies, Thor and Thor: The Dark World. The new movie is out very soon, and it's all very exciting. Featuring a New Zealand legend as director, Ragnarok took a franchise that was so boring it would put Hemsy himself to sleep if he was made to watch them, and made it forking legendary. Honestly, what is there to say about this movie? It's forking hilarious, it has the Hulk in it, and it's just... fun. I can't wait for Thor: Love and Thunder. It will probably be great. Hopefully. Probably. Hopefully.

There you have it: the five Chris Hemsworth movies most likely to give a fair shake of the sauce bottle. These are the best Chris Hemsworth movies and there's nothing that you can do to convince me differently. Well... unless you include things like Avengers, Star Trek, et cetera, et cetera. Anyway, let's ignore that short-coming. We can all move on, can't we? Yeah, we can. Fair go, mate.