Live On Stream: Streamer Gets Assaulted & Then Extorted By The Police

This Kick streamer just had the worst luck, as not only did he get punched in the face, but the police didn't even try to help him.

Live On Stream Streamer Gets Assaulted Then Extorted By The Police
Streamer Gets Assaulted Abroad. | © Girit / Dgim-studio

A Kick streamer was recently attacked live on stream, but instead of helping him, the police tried to extort money from him.

IRL streams are notorious for being wildcards, as you never know what might happen. Sometimes, absolutely nothing happens, but sometimes you get assaulted or harassed by a stranger, have people try to flash the camera and more. It can be a lot of fun to enjoy a nice trip with your chat in tow, but it can also turn into an absolute nightmare!

Kick Streamer Gets Attacked By Stranger In Bangkok

During an IRL broadcast on Kick, the streamer named Girit got into a heated argument with one of the locals. The reason? Not quite sure, but it looked like the man didn't like being filmed.

  • In cases like that, it might be good to have some pepper spray on you to defend yourself!

When Girit decided to walk away, after leaving a nice “f*ck you” as his goodbye, the local followed him to continue their confrontation.

Things escalated when the two of them came face-to-face and someone else decided to smack him in the face, which then got followed up by a nasty right hook, that left Girit bleeding from his nose.

Luckily, things didn't escalate into an all-out brawl because then, things probably wouldn't have ended with “only” a bloody nose.

Police Tries To Extort Money From The Victim

After the situation was resolved, it seems like the police got involved as well. Instead of arresting the assailant, though, they tried to extort money from the streamer.

In a clip, you can hear the streamer talking to what appears to be an officer, who wants Girit to pay a fine.

It looks like the streamer is trying to hide the fact that he is broadcasting the conversation, as there is no video, just a black screen. He would probably be in some serious trouble right now had the officer realized he was streaming the whole time!

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It seems like Girit made it out of the situation in one piece, though, as he's back to streaming again, enjoying Thailand despite his experience.

IRL streamers really have the worst look with law enforcement:

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