Logan Paul Attacked By Dog: Bitten in The Balls

A workout tutorial went south, when Logan Paul was bitten in the balls by his dog.
Logan paul dog bite attack
Ouch... | © Logan Paul via IG

Alright, so... Logan wasn't exactly attacked by the dog, and this is not as bad as his boxing-career-ending hand injury, but still... my guy was bitten in the balls by a dog. Why and how? Well, good ol' Logan was trying to make the world a healthier place, by showing people how they can incorporate their dog in their workouts. Then... this happened:

It's all fun and games until they come for your balls. Obviously, little harm is done, and Logan surely will still be able to bless the world with more Paul nephews... because that's just what we need.

Outside of that, it's gotten more quiet around the Paul brothers lately, Sure, they still make headlines every now and then, but they are a far cry from Jake Paul's last couple of boxing outings, or Logan's fight against Floyd Mayweather. Still, the night is calmest before the storm - or something - so you ust know that the Paul borthers are going to come back with something major. For now, Logan seems to be happy doing his regular podcast, on which he actually has some pretty solid guests. So if you're working out with your dog... might as well have that podcast running on the side.