Stadia Is Trying To Make "Micro-Streaming" A Thing...

Stadia owners can now become micro-streamers for their friends and family. Imagine that, you can have your family members watch you whenever you play games. Yes, I hate the idea as well. Let's get into the details.

Stadia Streaming
Want to start streaming? | © Google / Amouranth via Twitter

So you want to become a streamer, but you don't have "what it takes" to become the next Amouranth. Well, before you start doing something outrageous and end up on the big bad list of banned Twitch streamers, maybe you could practice first and develop your craft by streaming to friends and family.

Yuck. I know, that just sounds too cringy to bear thinking about. But hey, at least you can practice streaming to friends and family without getting the kind of racist/transphobic/homophobic abuse that became so common in recent "Twitch Raids". And guess what? Stadia have just released a feature that's going to make micro-streaming easy.

Stadia Introduces Micro-Streaming Capability

Stadia recently announced a new feature which will allow users to stream their games to up to 10 friends. While watching, friends and family can chip in with their input via text or voice chat (maybe dads got a tip for beating some of the hardest Elden Ring bosses). This new feature is being called a "Party Stream", and here was the announcement:

That sounds great, doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to watch their friend playing a game? And we haven't even got to the best part yet: you won't be able to interact with the game in any way!

Yep, it's just like streaming (only with a maximum of 10 people, you aren't anonymous, and you have to deal with horrific lag spikes and a frame rate like something from the PS1 era). Sorry Google, you've done so much innovative and fantastic work over the last few decades, but you need to stop trying to get us excited about anything related to the Stadia.

In other, non-Stadia related news, Xbox just made Game Pass an even better deal and Sony are making their controllers too complicated again.

If you begin streaming for friends & family, please avoid doing awful things like this: