Streamer's House Literally Falls Apart While Playing CS:GO

During a recent Twitch stream, Dylastein had his roof collapse while spectating a match of CS:GO.

Thumbnail Through the roof
Fun was through the roof | © Dylastein

Twitch has no shortage of wild accidents, from drive-by shootings to streamers running over dogs. Now, a CS:GO player had his ceiling collapse while spectating a match.

Twitch Streamer's Ceiling Collapses During CS:GO Broadcast

With livestreaming, you never know what might happen. As the amount of streamers has increased dramatically and the camera is running the whole time, there is bound to be a lot of crazy stuff showing up.

On April 5, Dylastein was doing a normal Twitch stream, when suddenly his ceiling crashed down, covering his bed and other stuff in debris.

The streamer was understandably shocked about the situation, only saying: “What the f*ck, my ceiling just caved in. The ceiling just f*ckin caved in, the actual ceiling just caved in,”.

He was pretty lucky that the roof came down behind him and not on top of him, and he seems to be taking it pretty well, even joking about it on Twitter.

In the tweet, he also gives an explanation for the situation, stating “the AC had a leak causing some water damage”.

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We're glad that nobody got hurt, as in another tweet, Dylastein even mentioned napping on his bed right before this happened.

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