Welcome to Derry: IT Prequel In The Works

HBO is planning a new series called "Welcome to Derry," which will be about the scary and well-known clown Pennywise. Here is what we know so far.
It comes back! | © Warner Bros

One of Stephen King's most famous characters is getting his own series. HBO confirmed that they are planning a TV series about Pennywise. This is the well-known clown who traumatizes the small town of Derry in the novel "IT". In the two horror film IT 1&2, Bill Skarsgård played the clown. Now, the team that was already responsible for the films is working together again: Andy Muschietti (director of both "IT" films) has been named as executive producer.

First Look at "Welcome to Derry"

The project is to be titled "Welcome to Derry" and follows the events in Derry over a longer period of time. At the beginning, the story is taking place in the 60s and moves up to the present of IT. It is also supposed to be about the background story of Pennywise, which was only touched upon in the feature films. It is unclear at this point whether Bill Skarsgård will return as Pennywise and how close the TV series will stay to the book by Stephen King. In Derry, people, especially children, have been disappearing for decades. They fall victim to the clown Pennywise, who confronts them with their greatest fears.

When Will Welcome to Derry Release?

Whether and when the series will actually be filmed is still completely open. However, after the It films were able to bring in over a billion US dollars at the box office, the barrier for this should not be too big. We hope for the return of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. His creepy performance was one of the most impressive things about the two IT movies.