FIFA 22 Companion App – Info, Updates & More

Today, we show you everything there is to know about the Companion App in FIFA 22 and tell you why you have to download it instantly!
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We've all been there: You've just come from work, you're on the train, and you're still at least half an hour away from firing up the PlayStation and starting the Division Rivals grind in FIFA 22. Thanks to the Companion App, which comes out every year with the new FIFA, we can't play, but we can at least manage our club on the go.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Companion App for FIFA 22. In addition, we always update the most important information when EA Sports releases a new update.

What Is The FIFA 22 Companion App?

The Companion App is – well, as its name would suggest – a companion application for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and should therefore be downloaded by every single FIFA player out there. If you take FUT seriously, the app is your best friend and supports you with many features. Here's a small excerpt of what you can do with the Companion App:

  • Unlock various bonuses/rewards (Weekend League, Division Rivals, Squad Battles or Community Events)
  • FUT stadium customization – from walkout music to cheers to fireworks elements, you can easily change everything
  • Buy/sell players on the transfer market and take your team to the next level
  • Complete SBCs (piece of advice: Especially the weekly Marquee Matchups challenge should always be completed).

The only thing you can't do with the companion app is play FIFA, duh. But all other features of Ultimate Team are available – especially for the transfer market, this is extremely handy when you're able to trade quickly and from everywhere. Especially with the player prices in FIFA 22, you can get some great deals...

When Is The Release Of The FIFA 22 Companion App?

The Companion App is usually released at the same time as the official launch of FIFA, or even a few days prior. FIFA 22 was released on October 01, 2021, while the Companion App has been available since September 23, 2021. With regard to FIFA 23, we can expect a similar timeline again – but EA will surely announce the exact dates in advance.

FIFA 22 Companion App Update – New Content & Bug Fixes

Throughout the FIFA year, new updates for the companion app are released, either delivering fresh content or simply fixing annoying bugs and errors.

With the April 06, 2022 update came the following features for the Companion App:

  • After completing a Repeatable Live Squad Building a few times, sometimes it incorrectly displayed as being fully completed
  • When listing a Player Item on the Transfer Market, an incorrect Item Bought For value could be displayed if the previously selected Player Item was obtained from the Transfer Market
  • When multiple Packs of the same name were available to open, they would open in the order they were received instead of the individual pack selected.
  • If a Repeatable League Squad Building Challenge was favorited prior to being completed, it could not be completed until the app was closed and reopened.
  • Full screen messages and pop-ups did not always display correctly.

EA Sports has already announced that they are listening to community feedback, and more updates are planned throughout the year. If you don't want to miss any news about this, you should definitely follow EA FIFA Direct on Twitter. By the way, there, they also announce Title Updates and Pitch Notes for FIFA 22...

Is The Companion App Down Right Now?

If the Companion App isn't working at the moment, it could potentially have different reasons. Maybe you're just not connected to the internet, which can always be the case, even in 2022, unfortunately. However, it also sometimes happens that logging into the Companion App doesn't work for other reasons.

If you get the error message "EA Mobile didn't start", then you are probably logging into the wrong EA account. To find out which email address your FUT account is connected to, start FIFA on the console and go to "Customize" ⇾ "Online Settings" ⇾ "EA Account". This should fix the problem.

Despite minor bugs and issues, the companion app is the best friend you can imagine for FIFA 22. And while you're on your cell phone you can also head over to EarlyGame's FIFA website much faster, which is fantastic, of course. I mean, what else would it be? After all, we already have the newest info on FIFA 23 for you and the Team of the Season in FIFA 22 is still yet to come...