FIFA 23 – This Is How EA Can Improve TOTW

The Team of the Week comes out in FIFA 22 every Wednesday at 7 PM... Hype? Anyone? No? Of course not, as the TOTW disappoints every week. Here's how to improve it.
Something has to change.. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

If there's one thing you can't say about FIFA 22 and EA, it's that the game doesn't release enough awesome special cards. Future Stars, Headliners, Winter Wildcards - even OTW was really nice after the crazy transfers last summer.

In contrast to that, it's even more noticeable how bad the Team of the Week in FIFA 22 is. No wonder that nobody wants to grind for a good rank in the Weekend League anymore. In case someone from EA Sports reads this - Hi! -, here are 3 ways how TOTW could be improved for FIFA 23.

Something is wrong when I find TOTW packs the least exciting of my rewards to open from FIFA

FIFA 23 – TOTW Needs These Updates

Upgrades Based On Higher Ratings

Up until now, upgrades have been based on each player's starting card, but why not just use the card with the highest rating? Let's take Mr. Zlatan Ibrahimović as an example. For Winter Wildcards, he got a really cool special card. If he gets fit again in the near future and plays his way into the TOTW, we get another useless card though.

Does it really have to be like that? It would be much better if he gets a normal Inform upgrade on the stats of his Winter Wildcards card. Of course, there might be problems with some events... how does it work with dynamic cards? Does a player theoretically get multiple 99s IFs after the TOTY? But hey, we're just asking questions here, EA would have to answer them in the end.

Upgrades Like Icon Versions

What do we mean by that? We'll explain it to you right away. With the icons, it works in a way where during the FIFA year, the better versions are released bit by bit. At the beginning, we have only Base and Mid icons in the packs, in December, usually the Prime icons arrive and now - mid-February - we are already looking forward to the Icon Moments. Then why not divide TOTW into these phases as well?

In the Base and Mid phase, we would then see such updates as we are getting now - the standard TOTW is perfectly okay for the launch of FIFA, but now just ridiculously unusable. Prime Icons could then be used to improve the TOTW cards, for example by giving each player a double upgrade.

In the period of the Icon Moments, the upgrades have to be pretty crazy.... otherwise nobody cares, like in FIFA 22. Shoutout at this point to GamerBrother, who recently discussed this idea in the stream and gave us the idea. Thumbs up from us!

Fewer TOTW Players

If EA doesn't feel like messing around with the upgrades somehow, they could also just make the TOTW smaller. Instead of the current 23 players, 15 would suffice. No disrespect to silver or gold non-rare players, but you just really don't want to see them come out of your pack. Fewer players = greater chance of drawing a half decent card.

The fact that the TOTW is a bit stale isn't just a problem since FIFA 22. Actually everything should have been better with the Featured Team of the Week - we probably don't need to explain to anyone what impact this "idea" of EA did or didn't have.

Original article by Marco Kilian