How To Get Zidane, Cruyff And Maldini Early In FIFA 23

There is an easy way to play Icons like Zinedine Zidane, Johan Cruyff or Paolo Maldini right at the start of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – at least for a few matches. We'll show you what you have to do to get them.

FIFA 23 Zidane Maldini Cruyff
Get Icon Cruyff, Maldini and Zidane for the start of FUT 23! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

I'm quite sure that every FIFA player had this one wet dream... to pull an icon right after the launch of a new Ultimate Team... at least once in his life. At this point in time, really any icon is still worth a lot of coins and can bring most teams to the next level. You'd definitely be set up for the first few weeks.

But let's be honest... probably no one of us will end up being this lucky to pull an icon out of their pre-order packs. EA Sports at least offers another option to try out some of the biggest legends to ever play football in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We'll show you how it works!

Get Zidane, Maldini And Cruyff In FIFA 23

Obviously, EA doesn't gift three Icons as powerful as Zinedine Zidane, Paolo Maldini and Johan Cruyff to the community permanently – surely the developers would want a big amount of cash for that. Instead, these three items are loan players, which you can get your hands on. They are available for three matches each – it would make sense to use them as a super sub in two seperate weekend league games once it gets tricky. After that, you could still use them in FUT friendlies for as long as you want to.

So... how do you get your hands on those icons for Ultimate Team? Very easy, you just have to subscribe to the EA Sports FIFA newsletter, where you'll then always get news sent to your e-mail account. Since September 2nd you can use this method to receive the icon items, and you can still think about doing it until March 31st. Everything you need is:

  • FIFA 23 (PS4 & 5, Xbox, PC, Steam)
  • EA account
  • Internet

In case it's too annoying for you to constantly receive messages from EA Sports, you can easily direct them to your spam folder. Unfortunately, you can't just use some random e-mail address you don't need anyway – it has to be the same e-mail address, you also use for your EA account and FIFA 23.

In general, we'd advise you to not wait for next year, but to redeem your Icons now. Then you can test the players yourself and also get a feel for the new meta right after launch. Otherwise, you'll have to do so with Ones to Watch or Team of the Week cards...