FIFA 23 Looks More Realistic Than Ever

For FIFA 23, the Matchday Experience is widely advertised. In the upcoming part of the series, not only should the pitch look better, but the experience in the stadium should also be more realistic and ensure greater immersion for the players.

FIFA 23 Matchday Experience
FIFA 23 takes the Matchday Experience to the next level! Maybe. | © EA Sports

We're in the hype phase right now, with more and more FIFA 23 news, leaks and rumors seeing the light of day on the internet. Publisher EA Sports has already given us insights into the gameplay or the career mode of FIFA 23 in the past few days... so now there was a deep dive into another huge feature: Matchday Experience.

In the best case scenario, the developers want to ensure that the game not only feels amazing to play, but also looks great while doing it. Sure, graphics aren't the most important thing, but we wouldn't mind even more realism on the virtual pitch. Let's take a look at what EA Sports means when talking about Matchday Experience.

Matchday Experience In FIFA 23

So... what exactly is Matchday Experience in FIFA 23? To be honest, many things. Sure, the game will probably look a tiny bit better than its predecessor, but EA Sports isn't all that concerned with the graphics. It is much more essential for the developers to bring the real-life atmosphere from the stadiums to the virtual pitch.

And logically, that starts with the pitch itself – it's now even more realistic. Wow. Color, length, and texture are said to be better than ever. When Kylian Mbappé slides on his knees while cheering, you can see grass flying away left and right... and the marks are still there in the second half. Mind blown.

The new goal nets are just as relevant for the actual gameplay, because they... now wobble quite a bit and are animated more neatly. You probably only notice this when you have successfully used the new power shot and see a replay of your goal. Here – just like with corners or goal kicks – EA Sports uses new camera perspectives for FIFA 23, as we know them from real life.

But there's one new feature that's legit pretty cool: In Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs or even in Career mode you can choose between different sound files to be played after you score a goal. For example, in the trailer we hear a siren or some horses, lol. Sounds pretty cool, but could also trigger quite a lot in the Weekend League.

FIFA 23 Has Female Referees

For the first time in FIFA history, men's matches can also be officiated by a woman. So, we will have more variety when it comes to the refs, but (thank god) also when it comes to the fans. We all know the FIFA meme of the guy sitting in the audience with Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea jerseys. That shouldn't be happening in FIFA 23...

Finally, of course, it's not a new FIFA without some brand-new goal celebrations. This is what we can look forward to:

  • Low five and flex
  • Flip
  • Eye of the tiger
  • Gamer

Gamer is the signature move and Diogo Jota and – of course – we love it. I can already see myself scoring the decisive goal in the 90th minute in the Weekend League, completely undeservedly, and then celebrating like this. It won't be that long before that happens... and with the FIFA 23 demo, you might even be able to play just a little earlier.