Like Thiago: How To Master Your Passes in FIFA 23!

Which passes should you aim for in FIFA 23? Long ball or simple short passing? We'll show you which passes are the quickest way to achieve sweet victory.

FIFA 23 Passing Guide
Passing is extremely important in FIFA 23! So take a look at our guide. | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

There are moments in life, where you consciously or unconsciously choose between victory and loss... between life and death. Should you play the classic long ball? Or keep it short by passing to your nearest mate? We show you the best way to get your goals – and to show the world who you are! Damn, I listen to too many motivational speeches...

In FIFA 23, for example, the L2 passes are suddenly crazy good – but there are also some old method that lead to success. Of course, it is also important that you have OP midfielders in your team who can play the decisive pass.

How To Play Perfect Passes in FIFA 23!

The good old through ball is still a key to success. When you hit Triangle (or Y when you're playing on a filthy Xbox), the ball does what the name says – it goes through the opposing defensive line. This pass is pure meta in FIFA 23 again. You can create huge spaces in the back of your opponent and if you have fast players, it's the perfect strategy for your team. But beware: You should look after your passing strength. If you press the button too long, you will probably lose possession. Remember... Your team is relying on you.

What's another good pass? Maybe you should try R1-passes (with X on PS or A on Xbox). If you stand on the edge of the box and you want to assist your striker, play this pass into the box. Your striker should stand right there by then and has nothing else to do but tap in the ball. It is important, however, that you play perfectly into the box, otherwise the player sometimes kicks the ball out of the stadium.

In fact, in FIFA 23 you can also try to cross sometimes. Of course, you always have to look exactly how the strikers stand in the middle, but if someone is relatively well positioned or walks on the second post... then try it!

FIFA 23 Meta Passes: L2 And L1 As A Path To Success

What about long balls (L1 + Triangle or LB +Y)? They are extremely strong in FIFA 23 and in many situations they are a nice alternative for some sweet counter attacks. For example, when you want to switch sides quickly, when there is a lot of free space on the other side. But it can also be helpful if the opponent presses extremely high and you cannot find any other solution than to rush forward...

Another one for you: the lofted ground pass. If your wings are rushing your opponent's side and you just want to assist yourself quickly – then try it. It's a perfect volley assist. Long shots are so sick in FIFA 23 – you'll smash every damn ball right into the corner!

We don't want to deprive you of an absolute meta: L2 crosses (EA seems to have fallen in love with the L2 button in FIFA 23). You should primarily use L2 crosses (L2+square) to change sides. They then travel with extreme precision and thus bring much more speed into your offensive game. Are you ready? Then go and channel your inner Thiago!