FUT Web App And Companion App For FIFA 23

If you want to get off to the perfect start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you should get the Web App and the Companion App to help you. We'll explain the two tools and what you can do with them in FUT.

FIFA 23 Web Companion App
Every last detail about the Web App and Companion App in FIFA 23. | © EarlyGame

Anyone who takes Ultimate Team in FIFA seriously should also use the Web App and the Companion App. That's a fact. The two tools make your life in Ultimate Team extremely easy – to be honest, you can play FUT without the two tools, but it just makes a lot less sense and isn't as much fun.

Especially for the start of FIFA 23, you should know what the two tools can do for you. If you know how to use the Web App and the Companion App, you already have an advantage over your opponents without having played FIFA for a second. No joke.

That's why we show you everything you should know about the Web & Companion App for FIFA 23 today. This includes the official release date, where you can get both tools and the most important features and tips.

FIFA 23 Web App & Companion App

The FIFA Web or Companion App has been the best and most popular trading method for starting a new FIFA game for years. Don't be confused by the different names, the Web App is for the browser on your PC – the Companion App is for your smartphone.

However, there is one significant difference: Usually, the Web App is released some time before the Companion App.

When Does The FUT Web App Start – Release Date

EA hasn't told us an exact release yet. We'll keep an eye on their website. Since the release for the companion apps is always a few days (five to six) before the official release, we estimate that you will be able to use the FIFA 23 Web App around September 22, 2022. The FIFA 23 Companion App can then be downloaded a few days later.

New Web And Companion App: Important Features

In both apps, you can do almost everything that is possible on the console. Playing against other opponents or the AI is not possible, though, but that's where FIFA Mobile comes into play. More importantly, if you are on the train and see the price of your favorite player drop, you can react instantly and buy a bunch of duplicates.

Web App And Companion App Download

You don't need to download the Web App. Instead, you simply open your browser on your laptop, Desktop PC or smartphone and go to the official Web App website, which we have also linked for you here. Obviously, you should know your log-in details here because you will be asked to connect to your EA account. And don't worry if it doesn't work right away – EA Sports servers are known to fail when there is lots of traffic.

With the Companion App, it's a different story. You have to download the app for iOS or Android – keep in mind: You can delete the old version for FIFA 22 as soon as FIFA 23 launches because you don't need it anymore, and it only wastes your precious storage space. This can actually come in clutch, as you will need approx. 80 MB for iOS and 43 MB for Android. We therefore recommend downloading the app with Wi-Fi to save your mobile data.

Build Your Ultimate Team

I don't know about you, but the best ideas always come to me on the road or in the bathroom. And since you rarely have your console or PC with you in either case, Web & Companion App offer the perfect alternative.

Just like in FIFA itself, you can create new squads, give them a name and make sure that you can fit players from different leagues in one team – by the way, the chemistry system is supposed to be overhauled in FIFA 23. As already mentioned, you still have to boot up your console in order to play with your new team.

Trading And Transfer Market

This is especially important before the release of FIFA 23 as well as in the first weeks of FUT. The prices on the transfer market are really wild during this time, and if you know what you are actually doing, you can earn yourself a lot of coins.

You can offer players, managers, goal anthems, contracts (maybe position changes, maybe not) and all other items or buy them yourself. Theoretically, you can also snipe players pretty cheaply – but in our experience, that's a bit easier on the consoles.

If you want to have a decent FUT squad by the time the game officially releases, you can and should start trading via the app, of course. Since the Ultimate Team transfer market will be merged for multiple platforms (for the first time EVER) thanks to the cross-play feature, it is not yet possible to say which trading methods will bring coins quickly.

Opening Packs & Players

If you really don't care about the awesome animation during the pack opening, and you're just here for some new cards, then you can also open packs in the Web App and the Companion App.

Speaking of packs... if you've been playing Ultimate Team for a while and have an active account every year, you'll always get a few loyalty packs at the start of FIFA. These aren't the best packs in FIFA, of course, but every coin counts. Be grateful.

Customize Your Stadium

Even if you're only able to use your team on consoles and PC, you can still customize your stadium in the Web & Companion App. You should take advantage of this, especially if FIFA 23 is not officially out yet, and you have treated yourself with the early access 10 hours of play-time. You shouldn't waste the limited amount of time to improve your stadium – just play and get a feeling for the game.

In the end, FIFA 23 without Web and Companion app is almost like Pizza Hawaii: Of course you can do it, but why would you? Especially on the way to work or secretly at school (that's a joke, always pay attention to your teachers!) you can't use the time better to optimize your Ultimate Team. So now you know perfectly about both apps and can directly purchase some of the best players in FIFA 23.