7 Years Of Progress Lost: 6 Year Old Deletes Father's Most Valuable Xbox Save Game

Always keep an eye on your kids, especially near of your electronic devices. One second is sometimes enough to cause a catastrophe. Here are some sad stories about people loosing their beloved save games due to kids.

Minecraft Herobrine Swords
My eyes when a child deletes my 7-year-old Minecraft World |© Microsoft Game Studios

The internet is full of stories about the tragic loss of beloved save games, in which people sometimes put years of work into. And one of the biggest factors in these stories were – CHILDREN. We gathered some of the craziest or saddest experiences, shared amongst gamers.

The Sad Stories of Lost Save Games

Save games are an important part of modern gaming, I mean who wants to restart their games after you put in hours or sometimes months into it? It's normal to grow emotional attached to these saves. Even if you will never touch them again after that. *Looking at my 70 Football Manager saves*

So sometimes it's a hard loss when save games are getting deleted or are just gone, due to updates or resetting your pc. And sometimes there are unplanned losses caused by the little demons in your household or family - Kids.

Welp I let a 6 year old play my xbox and they somehow managed to not only delete my entire skyrim save data, but also like 3 other games so thats kekw
by u/notangeblehuman in skyrim

Forums all over the internet are full of sad stories. For example, one Reddit user, named "FLAIR_2780166", mourns the loss of his 7+ year old minecraft world:

About a week or so ago I learned that my daughter had deleted my 7+ year minecraft world a month ago to make some space for new worlds -_-

This was followed up by many more tragic examples of the destruction children can cost. The user "notangeblehuman" experienced a similar case, as a child deleted his Skyrim save:

Welp I let a 6 year old play my xbox and they somehow managed to not only delete my entire skyrim save data, but also like 3 other games so thats kekw

The user "IHitAn11" has not been able to properly process what he has experienced back in his childhood:

i remember letting a neighbor kid at the same age borrow a copy of my almost maxed leafgreen pokedex copy, when i got it back the entire save was wiped and i never picked it up again, that was in 2005 and i still think about it lol

Well, if we can learn some certain things from the past decades of gaming and save games. Never let kids touch your stuff, add another profile or guest account for them, and the most important point – ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON THEM. In modern times and games there are many options to save your games.

And yes, after reading all of this sad stories I'm now in tears about my Lego Star Wars save, which was deleted by my little sister nearly 15 years ago. Goddamn.

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