Battlefront 3 Was Cancelled To Make Room For Other Games

EA has just made some huge announcements and if you're a fan of the Star Wars Battlefront you might be disappointed.
Star Wars Battlefront Cancelled
No more Star Wars games! | © LucasFilme

Stars Wars Battlefront 3 has been shelved. EA will not be working on the series anymore and we have all the details for you right here on why this has happened. How come EA has left such a beloved series in the dust?

Well, there is more to it than the developer just abandoning the game. While you’re crying over the lack of a third Battlefront, other Star Wars fans rejoice in all the content they’ll be swimming in in the near future.

EA Moving Star Wars to LA

What does Star Wars moving to LA have to do with anything? Well, EA has decided that another EA Dice Star Wars Battlefront is not needed. Instead, all EA Star Wars games have been moved to the Apex Legends studio, Respawn.

With this move, the prospect of getting another Battlefront has basically diminished. If we’re honest as well, this might be a good move with the backlash DICE has received for their release of Battlefield 2042. They need to focus on that dumpster fire before starting a new one, right?

What Will Happen to Battlefront 3?

As mentioned, this game is basically scrapped due to the move from DICE to Respawn for all EA Star Wars material. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any Star Wars games being released. Get ready, because you might not have Battlefront 3 to look forward to, but you’ve got three Star Wars Games in development with Respawn.

EA, Respawn and Lucasfilm announced that they’re working on a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel and a new Star Wars first-person shooter from the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond team. The third game that is being developed is going to be a turn-based strategy game in collaboration with Bit Reactor.

EA Is Done With Star Wars

This statement from EA has solidified the future of Lucasfilm and EA. These three upcoming games will likely be the final Star Wars games that Electronic Arts will develop. Back in mid-2021 Lucasfilm had announced that Ubisoft would be working on a Star Wars game, which had many scratching their heads.

With this announcement of moving all the Star Wars games to Respawn, it would seem that EA is on its way out from Lucasfilm, as many had predicted after the Ubisoft announcement.