Counter Strike 2: Emotes Uncovered

If you think you've been suffering in CS:GO due to toxicity, wait until you hear the news we've got for you regarding CS:GO 2.... one word: Emotes

Found emotes files in game file. | © Valve

The limited beta test of Counter Strike 2 is now available, the official release is just around the corner, but our precious leakers are not resting. In just a few weeks after the beta's release players have discovered several features that may appear in the near future. So let's take a look at what interesting things they managed to discover this time.

Emotes in Counter Strike 2

In addition to new anti-cheat ways, new operations, skins, one of the most surprising discoveries of data miners is the concept of emotes or gestures for terrorists and anti-terrorists. This is definitely something new in the world of the cult FPS shooter.

The new animations were found by an acclaimed and well-known insider – Gabe Follower. On his Twitter account appeared a post showing the found taunts.

These gestures, if they appear in the game, will be available in both first- and third-person previews.

Gabe Follower also noted that these animations are most likely related to Danger Zone mode and are unlikely to appear in normal matchmaking. This makes a lot of sense, as the use of taunts in matches such as ranked games could disrupt the game's balance. Besides, such an animation could affect a model's hitbox, exposing it to an easy shot from an AWP, which is not likely what we want.

We have to admit that this feature is a nice addition, but won't it cause even more toxicity among players in combination with voice chat? We'll see...

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