Merciless: EA Silently Removes AAA Game From All Stores

EA's work is immensely appreciated by gamers, but does EA not appreciate us anymore? More games are being taken from sale, even those quite fresh and popular titles.

Why is EA getting rid of games? | © EA

Removing games from platforms is a fairly normal and understandable process. The gaming world is moving forward intensively so sometimes it's worth abandoning nostalgia for a new experience. Nevertheless, what Electronic Arts has done is hard to justify, taking away a popular and beloved game that's just 2 years old.

EA Silently Removes AAA Game

Many titles have probably crossed your mind. The truth will definitely hurt racing game fans the most: It's F1 2021.

F1 2021
F1 2021 is no more. | © EA

Electronic Arts in 2021 officially took over the original producer of the Formula 1 simulator games, Codemasters. Immediately after that, they decided to withdraw F1 2020 from sale, now it's time for F1 2021, which is the next victim of EA's purge.

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What is the reason for this? It remains as unexplained as the removal of F1 2020. We don't expect an explanation from Electronic Arts this time either.

Now we can only mourn one of the most popular F1 games and congratulate those who have it in their library. All that remains for us is to wait for the release of F1 23.

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