GTA 6: Drug Empire In London?

We already know that GTA 6 is in development. According to the latest leaks, we will return to familiar locations, but new cities will also play a role. Maybe London? Let's see what we know so far!
London Gta 6
This could be a crazy mix. | © Unsplash/Reddit: MaNu9564

Currently, there are more rumors than actual facts about GTA 6, but that doesn't stop fans of the Rockstar game series from sharing their thoughts and ideas for the potential sequel to GTA 5 and GTA Online. An alleged map concept for a London setting of Grand Theft Auto 6 already caused a stir once: it was more of a fake than an actual leak, but GTA fans think the idea alone is great. Then it became quiet around the idea that London is the GTA 6 setting. Until now..

Will GTA 6 Be Set In London?

The info about the possible London setting in GTA 6 comes from none other than Michael Pachter @michaelpachter. He is a well-known industry insider who works as a financial research analyst and managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities. There, he advises investors on which publishers they should invest in. He also has a good connection to many CEOs in the industry.

The tea is hot: In a recent YouTube video, Michael Pachter talked about Rockstar Games' announcement on Twitter that GTA 6 was in development. According to Pachter, London is returning as a setting in the GTA series. However, this is not enough. Apparently, GTA 6 will combine several settings. He also said that the development will still need its time.

After all, expansions for the first Grand Theft Auto already played in London – since then, many, if not all, gamers have been longing for a return to the UK setting. London is, by the way, also the birthplace of Dan and Sam Houser, the co-founders of Rockstar Games. Just to underline the statements again.

Can We Believe These Rumors?

We think it is possible that a London setting could be part of GTA 6. Michael Pachter is known as a very reliable source. BUT! These are just leaks and rumors. So be careful with all of it. At least the information about the long development of GTA 6 is certainly true. If the new GTA title is as big as Pachter implies, it's no wonder that Rockstar Games needs so much time for the development. If you want to find out more about GTA 6, also check out our last article: