GTA 6 Map Leak Shows That The Game Will Be Way Bigger Than GTA 5

A GTA 6 map based on leaks shows how immense the game is shaping up to be, even dwarfing GTA 5's size.

While the GTA 6 release is still far away, excitement is in the air, with players being extremely hyped to see what Rockstar Games are coming up with to top GTA 5. One part of the game that recently got a lot of attention from internet sleuths is the map. We know that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, but how big is the game actually going to be?

Avid fans have collectively looked into all the leaked GTA 6 details to try and piece them together to a map. And folks, it’s looking like this game will be absolutely huge.

GTA 6 Leaked Map Looks Massive

The actual map itself hasn’t leaked, but we did see tons of details and data about GTA 6 locations. Via something called Rage Engine Units, which is related to the Rage engine Rockstar is using to create the game, fans have puzzled together an estimation of the GTA 6 map. And it looks absolutely huge.

Here you can see the sketch of the Vice City map, as stitched together by users on Reddit. For comparison, the GTA 5 map is next to it in the same scale to emphasize how big GTA 6 could be.

GTA VI vs GTA V Map Comparison Based On Rage Engine Units from GTA6

Yes, this thing is shaping up to be big. And the map probably doesn’t even include everything yet, as there are references towards more northern regions and rumors about different locations like Liberty City or a Cuba-like island possibly being in the game.

If you want to see everything we know about GTA 6 so far, check out this video:

Now, this is obviously very impressive and exciting. But you should also take it with a grain of salt, as this is basically a fan-project based on leaks. The reality of the GTA 6 map could end up looking very differently. We’ll have to wait and see. But I can’t deny that this has my mouth watering a little bit.

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