Bandai Namco Is Working on a Revolutionary Metaverse

Bandai Namco is working on a massive Gundam metaverse, that will span all formats that Gundam is on.
Gundam metaverse large
Ready, player one? | © Bandai Namco

MCU, who? Bandai Namco is working on one of the bigger shared universes that we can possibly imagine, and they are using a huge buzzword for it: Metaverse. More specifically, it will be a Gundam virtual world, that spans all the platforms Gundam is on - video games, anime, model kits... everything. Interestingly, this comes after some of Japan's biggest announced that they are working on what is easily the biggest shared universe in the world.

Bandai Namco Is Working on Gundam Virtual World

Bandai Namco are all in on the metaverse hype and figured - why not combine all of our Gundam stuff into something massive? In corporate bla-bla, they describe it as follows:

A platform of opportunities for Gundam fans worldwide to come together to converse and connect in a variety of categories.

Yawn. Yawn so hard. I'll never understand, you know? I'll never understand why companies targeted at young people employ 70-yeard retired office drones for their PR work.

Anyway, never mind Karen's fine PR text up there, because this Gundam metaverse actually sounds interesting: Movies, music, gaming, anime, model kits - all within a shared virtual universe? I'm excited, and I don't even care about Gundam. As an example for how this will work: Model kits can be scanned and will then come to life to battle each other. That's confirmed. Presumably, you can also have you and your live-kit appear in the movies. It all sounds super exciting, and I'm just waiting for this whole virtual metaverse to really pop off, before Russia pops off, because, you know... I'd rather live in the Gundam world than nuclear fallout.