Halo Infinite's Desync Issues Are Breaking the Game

Halo Infinite's fanbase are being tried yet again by persistent desync issues that, for many, are breaking the game.

Halo infinite desync issues
How bad are the Desync problems in Halo Infinite's multiplayer? | © 343 Industries

343 Industries are going to need to be very careful in the coming weeks. Why? Well, things aren't looking up for Halo Infinite. The game is losing players, pushed out by a lack of new content and a lack of polish that is starting to show its rougher edges.

The reality is that, without campaign co-op and Forge, the developers really needed to hit the ball out of the park in the mid-Season Update, and score a home run in Season 2. Both of these factors seem to be off the cards, and now, a massive bug is causing players to leave the game in droves...

We have to remember that 343 Industries got an entire year and a half longer to put together Halo Infinite. It seems almost absurd that, considering this fact, so many features are missing from the game and the multiplayer itself is not profoundly well polished. To be fair, it's a whole lot better than its contemporaries like CoD: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, but still not really good enough.

These Desync issues, though, are absolutely insane. They are breaking the game for many players, further driving people out of Halo Infinite and causing a whole lot of heat on Reddit...

What is Desync in Halo Infinite?

Desync is an issue relating to connection problems in Halo Infinite, where one's game is out-of-sync with what's happening in real-time on the servers. This will cause problems where your game may be showing things after it might be registering for other players, or visa-versa.

The issue with Desync is that you could find yourself in a room with an opponent, shooting away but apparently dealing no damage. Your opponent may then turn to you punch you in the face, killing you instantly. This is happening due to lag on the server, with one player being out of sync with the other.

As you can see from the clip below, posted on Reddit by a player who confirmed that they had a great connection and a Ping of only 10, shows that this issue breaks the game.

Proof desync is the game's fault. Less than 10 ping and a 1gb connection and this still happens.....Worst I've ever seen from halo

How is Desync Breaking Halo Infinite?

The reason why Desync is seen as a game-breaking bug in Halo Infinite's multiplayer is that it is starting to extend beyond melee combat. LAN matches are also being affected, with players finding that they are getting Desync issues no matter what network or connection type they are using. Honestly, if this issue is beginning to show up for wired-LAN connections and are affecting more than just melee, it is an issue with the game that needs to be addressed by 343 Industries.

This problem is even being recorded by other players, who see a teammate or opponent avoiding damage that should have otherwise eliminated them, seemingly due to a Desync-related issue. One particularly shocking clip showed a player surviving two rocket launcher blasts before eliminating and then tea-bagging the gentlemen who had fired those very same shots.

The reality is that Desync is completely out of control in Halo Infinite, and it is starting to really damage the multiplayer experience. This is such a shame, because the selection of maps in Halo Infinite is absolutely stellar, and 343 Industries really hit the gameplay and weapons out of the park. The devs are going to need to fix this problem as soon as possible, lest they risk further exodus from the game they've been working on for so long...