How To Use Overshield In Halo Infinite

The Overshield is one powerful piece of equipment in Halo Infinite, but how does it work?

Halo infinite overshield
What is the Overshield, and how does it work, in Halo Infinite? | © 343 Industries

You know what's more sexy than the Chief himself? His darn armor, that's what. John 117 is a bloody hunk, we all know that, but that doesn't make him invulnerable. In fact, for all we know, he might be a skinny pale white dude beneath those layers of green-tinted super-soldier attire. Would we care, though? Well, not really, it's fun to run around Halo Infinite's multitude of multiplayer maps no matter what.

What is especially fun, though, is learning how to take that god-given armor and make it even more over-powered. Enter: the Overshield, Halo Infinite's way of saying "fork you" to everyone else. No matter the Skull you have equipped in the campaign (where you will be using the Shield Core, which is more-or-less the same as the Overshield), no matter the weapons you're utilizing in the multiplayer, an Overshield is going to give you a leg up against every opponent you could possibly come across. Why? Well, you better keep reading, ey?

What Is An Overshield In Halo Infinite?

An Overshield is a piece of defensive equipment in Halo Infinite that gives you an extra shield bar. In the campaign, it is known as a Shield Core, which can be upgraded until it reaches the level of more-or-less being an Overshield. In the multiplayer, however, it becomes seriously important as one extra line of defense against your opponents.

The Overshield is considered a piece of "Power Equipment" and spawns relatively infrequently. It gives you two additional layers over the top of your original shield, and lasts for a full 40 seconds (or until you get shot enough that it's all gone). You pick up the Overshield from Power Equipment Dispensers on maps like Behemoth. There is usually one location per-map.

Where is the Overshield in Halo Infinite?

The Overshield is located at Power Equipment Dispensers on the following maps:

  • Aquarius
  • Bazaar
  • Behemoth
  • Deadlock
  • Fragmentation
  • High Power
  • Launch Site
  • Live Fire
  • Recharge

Did we really need to list all of these? Not really, to be honest, this is literally all the maps in Halo Infinite's multiplayer except for Streets. It's a shame, because Streets is absolutely incredible, but we're not going to get our knickers in a knot.

Using Overshield in Halo Infinite

Once you have picked up the Overshield, you can activate it at an opportune moment by pressing the RB Button on Xbox or Q on PC. Now, make sure that you're saving yourself until you're ready.

Remember: using your Overshield is like losing your virginity, it can be fantastic at the right time and traumatizing at the wrong, so only do it when you are ready.

Best Overshield Tips in Halo Infinite

To close, here are a few little tips for using the Overshield effectively:

  1. Spartans that are glowing white have Overshield turned on, so be cautious.
  2. You drop your Overshield if you die without using it, so don't use it too late and – if someone else drops it – pick the forking thing up.
  3. Plasma eats up your Overshield ridiculous fast.
  4. Melee's from behind are still a one-hit-kill.

There you go, ladies and gentle-humans. EarlyGame's exhaustive guide to the Overshield in Halo Infinite. Fun, right? To be honest, along with guides to things like the Boom Skull, how to get the Ice Unicorn, and the best helmets in Halo Infinite, this is one of the best pieces of Halo Infinite content you've ever written, isn't it?