How To Find & Capture A Graphorn In Hogwarts Legacy

The Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy is unique compared to other fantastic beasts you may have encountered, we show you how to get it!

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn
Graphorn makes for a fantastic end-game mount, as it can crush enemies with ease and make defeating them a more enjoyable experience | © WB Games

The Graphorn mount in Hogwarts Legacy is obtainable in San Bakar's Trial. Please note that this mount is only available once you complete the trial, which is situated towards the end of the game's campaign.

To access the trial, you'll need to travel to Cragcroft Shore in the southern part of the map.

You'll then need to use spells such as Incendio or Confringo to reveal a carving of the Graphorn. After this, you'll be tasked with capturing the Graphorn, which can be found in its den located in Clagmar Coast at the southeast corner of the map. You can use either your broom or a flying mount to reach the location more quickly.

The Graphorn has simple attacks, such as charging and ramming, but also has a sturdy hide that can withstand a lot of damage. Your Ancient Magic and Ancient Magic Throw, as well as your red spells (Expelliarmus, Incendio, Confringo, and Bombarda) are the only means of depleting its health.

To defeat the Graphorn, it's important to stay focused on the battle and dodge when necessary. After successfully defeating the creature, a short cutscene will play, and you will be presented with a choice: to Kneel and show the creature that you're not a threat, or to Attack and subdue it with your strength.

In this video you can see how it's done:

How To Fight Against The Graphorn

It's important to note that only damage spells and Ancient Magic can be used against the Graphorn. Control spells and force spells like Depulso and Levioso will have no impact on it. To defeat the Graphorn, it's best to use damage spells or Ancient Magic to inflict damage.

Due to its large size, it's not possible to block the Graphorn's attacks. Instead, it's recommended to dodge its attacks, as the Graphorn is not a particularly fast attacker. You can anticipate its attack by observing when it's charging up.

While battling the Graphorn, you can use barrels around its den to your advantage by using Ancient Magic Throw to deal significant damage. Additionally, you can repeatedly use basic attacks to charge up your Ancient Magic gauge. Once you have a single blue bar of Ancient Magic, use an Ancient Magic spell to stun the beast.

The Graphorn's main attacks are:

  1. Close-Range Attack: The Graphorn will attempt to swipe at you with either its front legs or tail.
  2. Charge Attack: The Graphorn will run away from you and then charge forward to lunge at you.

Here is a video of the fight and some tips:

Have fun in your exciting fight!

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