LEGO Mario Kart Looks Incredible: Meet LEGO 2K Drive

Screenshots and details from the upcoming LEGO driving game "2K Drive" have leaked and the game looks like LEGO Mario Kart. Here's what we know so far.

LEGO 2k Racer Mario Header
LEGO 2K Drive could be a Mario Kart killer! | © Warner Bros / Universal

Remember last year when we discovered that 2K and LEGO were working together on a bunch of LEGO sports games? We're still waiting for the football game, but the driving game is starting to take shape. It will be called LEGO 2K Drive, and we've just received the first details and a couple of screenshots.

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LEGO 2K Drive Leaks: First Images & Basic Description

A Reddit user has leaked a few screenshots from LEGO's new racing game "LEGO 2K Drive". It looks like this game is going to be LEGO's answer to Mario Kart.

The user, u/ConsistentFly4437, also gave us a brief description of the game:

LEGO 2K Drive PVP multiplayer gameplay is a "Mario Kart like" spin on the classic LEGO racing games we all know and love. There are many levels to choose from ranging from 2 to 5 minute races, and include lap races and sprint races, with multiple terrain and vehicle types such as on-road, off-road and water, with the vehicle changing automatically while driving.

They linked this gallery of images from LEGO 2K Drive:

LEGO 2K Drive

What do you think of the game visually? Would you rather the world was all made of LEGO blocks, or are you happy with the current art style?

If you scroll through the gallery you will find the following racetracks:

  • Runway Roundabout
  • Rapid Falls
  • Swampus
  • Cat Scratch Freeway
  • Down on the Farm
  • Glazed Overdrive
  • Headless Horsepower
  • Chasm Crossing

We've also been told that the following power-ups are available in-game:

  • Mines
  • Teleport
  • Ghost
  • Homing Missiles
  • EMP
  • Food Blaster
  • Web Crasher
  • Brick Wheels

But besides that, we don't have anything else yet on LEGO 2K Drive.

We are fairly confident you can believe this leak because the source has even provided pictures of the game, and it's exactly the kind of thing we expected from the 2K x LEGO collab.

LEGO 2K Drive could be the perfect family game. But if you're looking for a new family game to play until the title is released, check out one of these:

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