Little Big Planet Trilogy Coming To PC, According To Steam Leak

It looks like the classic Little Big Planet trilogy is coming to PC, according to a Steam database leak.

Little Big Planet PC Leak
Is Little Big Planet coming to PC? | © Sony

Little Big Planet is a certified PlayStation classic, a 'the streets will remember' type of banger. Everyone loves Sackboy and his cute friends, whether it be for the amazing level creators or the entertaining jump & run gameplay.

Now, almost ten years after the series ended with Little Big Planet 3 in 2014, it looks like the series will celebrate a comeback. The entire trilogy of games could be coming to PC soon.

Little Big Planet Steam Entries Appear Online

A user on Reddit has spotted, that several new entries have appeared on SteamDB, a database collecting all things going on in Steam. There is one entry for each of the three Little Big Planet games, as well as something called "Gorilla Engine", which seems to be a collection of all three games.

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It has to be emphasized, that this is not a guarantee. These entries could be faked, as has been claimed as well. It would also be strange to bring these games back after almost ten years. But why not: Sony has been bringing recent exclusives like The Last of Us to PC, things like a PC version for God of War Ragnarök also seem to be in development. So why not bring back a classic?

But, until we get official confirmation, take this with a grain of salt. Let's wait and see if we get this surprise anytime soon.

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