Leak: Big Chungus Coming To MultiVersus

MultiVersus is full of memes and references, and next in line could be an old classic: Big Chungus. The ugly version of Bugs Bunny could make its way into the game.

Multi Versus Big Chungus
MultiVersus might geht a huge addition in Big Chungus. | © Warner Bros.

Folks... it's happening. Big Chungus is coming to MultiVersus. Well, maybe he is, we are not 100% sure yet. It definitely looks like it, after a new leak strongly suggests that Warner Bros. could use him in their platform fighter hit.

MultiVersus has already been a big hit, reaching over 20 Million players worldwide. Developer Player First Games wants to keep the strong momentum going by continuously adding new content like skin variants and new characters. Big Chungus will most likely come to the game as either one of those, as was just revealed online.

MultiVersus: Big Chungus Likely Coming To The Game

Parent company Warner Bros. has trademarked Big Chungus for usage in a video game, which points to a very likely inclusion of the big rabbit in MultiVersus. This was noticed by VGC reporter Andrew Marmo, who revealed the trademark filing on Twitter.

It's currently not clear yet whether this means that Big Chungus will actually come to MultiVersus. These things are always subject to change and until Warner or Player First confirm it, it remains speculation.

But it would just make sense. The game is chock-full of memes and references, Big Chungus not being in there already is stranger than him being added eventually.

The chonker has been in a video game before, namely in the forgettable mobile game Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem. Is the big boy ready for a comeback? We think so, but let's wait for the official confirmation.