Once Human: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

Have you ever wondered what Stranger Things would look like as an RPG? NetEase Games has wondered, and that prompted them to develop Once Human, an upcoming game for the PC. We have broken down everything you need to know about this RPG, and we think you will be very excited for what's to come.

Travel into the world of Nalcott and experienced untold stories of horror! | @ NetEase Games

Darkness surrounds every corner in Once Human, as this upcoming action-adventure game looks to change the mold of open-world survival. To accomplish this goal, NetEase Games has implemented an assortment of combat & exploration skills for players to explore. It’s resulted in an experience similar to The Division and PUBG.

You can see an immediate difference between Once Human and PUBG. For instance, demonic creatures roam around the world of Nalcott. These creatures will wreak havoc across the land unless we do something to stop them. But do we have what it takes? That’s the real question we’ll explore in our analysis of Once Human.

Is Once Human Coming Out In 2023?

NetEase Games didn’t announce the release date for Once Human at the 2022 Summer Game Fest. As such, development on this upcoming RPG is still at large.

We will wait another few years before NetEase launches Once Human for the PC. Unfortunately, Once Human wasn’t announced for the Xbox Series X/S or PS5.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Once Human

Explore a post-apocalyptic world in Once Human, as we struggle to survive against unexpected threats like the Aberrant and Vulture Clan. However, surviving this post-apocalyptic world requires everyone to scavenge the stardust-infected lands for wood, crops, and wild animals. This will be the only way we create a homestead and acquire food to eat.

Meet the Rabizex, one of the enemies you come across in Once Human. | @ NetEase Games

These materials can be utilized to restore civilization, upgrade various weapons, create new vehicles, and manufacture post-apocalyptic equipment. This will all be managed through the “Cradle System” that allows for additional customization of your character.

You will need to focus on the development of your character, as PvE modes are rampant throughout Once Human. There are dungeon raids and hundreds of open-world tasks intermixed with the great one’s challenge. This is an exclusive challenge to Once Human, that if won, will result in a plentiful amount of loot.

Looting isn’t limited to the great one’s challenge, as there’s also a location named the Stronghold Contest. We have explained what this location means and much more down below. If you are interested in Once Human, we recommend you keep reading. This game might impress you more than God of War Ragnarök!

The Map

Welcome to the world of Nalcott. It’s a distinctive planet that has been ravaged by the Stardust Apocalypse. But one man's disaster can be another man's glory, as Nalcott offers considerable opportunity to all. There will be four notable locations on the map, with those including:

An unnamed location in the Stronghold Conquest of Nalcott, Once Human | @ NetEase Games
  • Forest: Lush fauna, diverse ecosystems, and various wildlife wait in the Forest. You can expect some beautiful scenery from this location. But don’t get too comfortable, as there’s a secret bunker & hunter's lodge to be found. Unexpected battles can be experienced in this location.
  • Desert: This location has become a barren wasteland where mutant creatures and humankind fight for resources. You can expect some intense battles throughout the Desert.
  • Swamp: Overgrown vegetation, damp weather, and abandoned human settlements wait for players in the Swamp. But watch your back because enemies linger within the vegetation, waiting to pounce at a moment's notice.
  • Stronghold Conquest: The Stronghold Conquest is a continuation of the Forest. However, this location is constructed purely for PvP and PvE combat. Entering this area will guarantee a fight, as avoiding enemies isn’t an option.

NetEase Games has surprised us with the size & scope of their open-world environment, as it’s significantly larger than Fortnite or Warzone. Therefore, we recommend everyone reading get ready for an expansive adventure and hours of exploration.

Aberrant Enemies And Bosses

You will face numerous enemies throughout your adventures in Nalcott, and we have been introduced to some of those enemies. Trust us, they are intimidating and scary to witness. But the strongest players will overcome their hurdles to defeat the Aberrant, as similar to what was seen with the Swarm in Gears of War.

Explore the burning and roaming fields of Nalcott in Once Human | @ NetEase Games
  • Treant: This demonic creature has the characteristics of an Ant and Tree. It will traverse areas like the Forest and potentially the Stronghold Conquest.
  • Rabizex: Cosmic destruction best describes the Rabizex, which resembles a horrific greyhound possessed by the Stardust Infection.
  • Foul Shadowhunter: This humanoid beast has a minigun and claw attached to its body, which has allowed it to become an unthinkable creature. Most players will struggle against the Foul Shadowhunter.
  • Arachsiam: Imagine a black-widow spider that has been made 1000x more horrific; that’s what you get with the Arachsiam. This should be the most horrifying & formidable creature we face in Once Human.
  • Aberrant Humanoids: These people have become possessed and mean to harm us as they float above our heads, ready to pounce. Fortunately, these are the easiest enemies to overcome in Once Human.

Beyond these Aberrant bosses, you will find that other players are the hardest things to overcome in Once Human. It’s not the Aberrant you need to worry about but the other players competing in clans.

The Clans

NetEase Games supports five different factions in Once Human. The faction chosen is significantly important to your experience in Once Human, as some factions are more civilized than others. Moreover, the clan you select will have an influence over your gameplay capabilities. Therefore, take serious consideration over which faction is chosen.

This is expected to be one of the final bosses in Once Human, an upcoming survival-horror RPG | @ NetEase Games
  • Mayfly: Experience a ranger-like lifestyle by joining the Mayfly Clan. These individuals fight for the protection of justice and freedom. They never yield to tyrannic men, as the Mayfly Clan are a symbol of hope & courage in Once Human.
  • Blackfell: Once an industrial town of oil workers, Blackfell became a sanctuary for the working class. This was primarily because of their strict rationing, oil resources, and working system.
  • Rosetta: Want to become an untamable force that hasn’t any rules to follow? Then the Rosetta Clan is for you. These individuals are professed in communication technologies, military weapons, and chemical warfare.
  • Vulture: Does the thug-life suit you? Then consider the Vulture Clan, as these individuals were outcasts in the old world. They never planned on being any different during the Stardust Infection.
  • Guerilla: The Guerilla Clan focuses on the reconstruction of order. They have faced harsh criticism from those favoring the Stardust Infection, but the Guerilla Clan doesn’t stop in their goal to create a united government. If you wish to restore order, the Guerilla Clan is for you!

These clans will interact in expansive battles, as everyone is challenged for control and territory. This is where the Stronghold Conquest comes into play, as anyone entering this area will find themselves in PvP battles. Moreover, PvP battles are intermixed with PvE to make the Stronghold Conquest more challenging.

Fortunately for you, Once Human offers an assortment of lethal weapons and destructive skills to defeat these enemies. But remember that the Stronghold Contest can occur in numerous areas, and these battles are never short of enemies.

Is Once Human Coming To Xbox Series X/S And PC?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any announcements to suggest that Once Human is coming to the Xbox Series X/S and PS5. However, we have learned that Once Human is arriving at the PC and Mobile.

We are confident that NetEase is bringing their upcoming RPG to Steam & the Steam Deck. This is speculative, as Once Human hasn’t been confirmed for Steam.

Is Once Human Part Of Xbox Game Pass?

As previously mentioned, there hasn’t been information to suggest that Once Human is arriving on the Xbox Game Pass. If this RPG were to come to the Xbox Game Pass, it would likely be exclusive to the PC version.

EarlyGame will update you on the supported consoles and release date for Once Human. Make sure to stay informed by bookmarking this article. We hope you’ve enjoyed our analysis of NetEase’s Once Human, as this game looks to change the mold of survival-horror RPGs.

Game Trailer

Watch the 2022 Summer Game Fest trailer for Once Human. You will see comparisons between Once Human and Stranger Things, which is beneficial for longtime supporters of Netflix's most popular show.