Overwatch 2 April Fools Mode Has Players Wanting For More

As always, Blizzard released an April Fools game mode for Overwatch too, leading to some of the most hilarious clips ever.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Brigitte Zenyatta
April Fools has the best game modes | © Blizzard

It's April Fools my dudes and Blizzard released a brand new Arcade Mode to celebrate the occasion with some wacky gameplay mechanics and fans are loving it.

April Fools Mode Is Pure Chaos

Blizzard knows how to make the game as unbalanced as possible, but still keep it pretty fun. Pretty much the whole first Overwatch game was that way.

Now they released an April Fools Arcade Mode to fully commit to over the top gameplay leading to some absolutely hilarious moments by increasing mobility, ultimate use, and unexpected interactions to the max!

One of the craziest ideas they implemented was to give Reinhart the ability to fly using his iconic charge. Just think about it, you're playing Mercy or Pharah and suddenly a 7-Foot tall Iron Giant comes flying to pin you against a wall. Nightmare fuel!

Not to forget, every hero received new voice lines for when they are using their ultimate and extremely cool googly eyes.

Especially, the voice lines have been so well received, that a user on Reddit wants to start a petition to keep them in the game.

  • If you want to enjoy the crazy voice lines in the best audio quality possible, check out this headset. It kind of makes me feel like Reinhart is actually charging right into my bedroom. Nice.

One thing is for sure, the April Fools Mode is a lot of wild fun, and all those wacky new mechanics and features left people wanting for more.

If you have been wondering when this rumored story mode Blizzard wanted to put in the game is coming out, check out this video:

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