Overwatch 2 Bug Traps Players In Never-Ending Match

This bug in Overwatch 2 caused a match to last over an hour! Here is what happened.

Overwatch 2 Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, Mei, Lucio
This Overwatch 2 bug traps players in the spawn for hours | © Blizzard Entertainment

Who would have thought, once again a new bug has crept into Overwatch 2, and this time it's not a small one either. Since the release, bugs keep piling up in Overwatch 2. Many fans are reporting server disconnects, game crashes, missing skins, and so much more. But this one is particularly nasty, because due to this bug, players were stuck in a never-ending overtime, that lasted more than one hour.

Overwatch 2 Bug Traps Players In Spawn

A recent bug in Overwatch 2 causes the doors to the spawn room to close, before the match has even ended. So neither of the teams has a chance of winning because they literally can't move from the spot, or both teams get stuck in a never-ending overtime until Blizzard closes that match automatically, which can take up to two hours.

The latter happened to redditor "FRIENDSHIP_MASTER" who posted a video of this incredibly strange bug in Overwatch 2.

Game stuck in overtime and enemy team can't leave spawn from Overwatch

While this person was on the defender's side, the other team was stuck in their spawn room and the overtime loading bar froze. This lasted for more than an hour in total, while about 100 new players kept joining the game and then leaving it again after realizing something was wrong. Some people from the Reddit discussion had the same problem and received a penalty after leaving this nightmare game. In fact, leaving a game early can result in players receiving a 75% penalty on all XP gains.

Although we cannot be 100% sure, it seems that this bug only affects the Quick Play game modes and not the competitive matches. In this case, quitting the game would be even worse, as players could be punished with a temporary ban from competitive matches.

Here is a little insight into what this bug may look like from the other perspective. If you find yourself in such a situation, we recommend that you leave the game and perhaps play some other game modes in the meantime, as some players have reported that after leaving the buggy game and attempting to join another, they were placed in the same game again and had to leave the game twice at this point, which can result in another penalty.

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