The Elder Scrolls Strategy Game Coming to Consoles

Project Indus is taking major cues from Civilization and is confirmed to be coming to consoles.

Project Indus 4X strategy consoles
How is 4X gonna work on consoles, though? | © Bethesda

It seems like a lot of strategy games are now trying to make the jump to consoles. Actually... not a lot, but there's one significant strategy classic that is coming to consoles, despite the strategy genre clearly being at home on PC. Of course, this is a rare occasion, where it makes absolute sense that a genre is exclusive to the PC. RTS on controllers is more of a chore, so imagine my surprise when I read that we are getting a 4X Civilization clone for consoles. Even better: This 4X game is likely set in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Project Indus Is Civilization for Consoles

Unfortunately, the leak is all we have, but it does give us a decent amount of information. For one, it confirms that Project Indus is not just a leak, or even just a concept - this game has been in development for a while, so much so, that it might just be a part of the upcoming Xbox/Bethesda showcase. Unfortunately, that also means that this game will be an Xbox exclusive.

In terms of gameplay, all we know is that this game is a 4X strategy game, and that it is modeled after Civilization. While that's not a lot information on paper, it does give us a very good idea of what to expect. Of course, more interesting than that, is the setting. Will Project Indus follow the realistic history route, or is it maybe the rumored The Elder Scrolls 4X game that was recently leaked?

Considering that a rumor of an Elder Scrolls 4X game is currently making the rounds, it is very safe to assume that Project Indus is that very TES-4X project. After all, it's not like there's an abundance of 4X games in development for consoles. Still, that's all speculation, and we will likely find out on June 12, at the Microsoft/Bethesda showcase.