Resident Evil 4: All Yellow Herb Locations In The RE4 Remake

In Resident Evil 4, Yellow Herbs increase Leon's maximum health in the game. We'll show you where you find them.

Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herb
Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herb Locations: We'll show you where to find all Yellow herbs. | © Capcom

In Resident Evil 4 you’ll need herbs to heal yourself. If you’ve played these games before, you’ll know this. Yellow Herbs are a special, and very important, kind though, as they raise your maximum HP. Here's our Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs guide to help you find all the possible health upgrades in the game.

Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs Explained

The Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herbs can't be used on their own. Instead, you'll have to mix them with a green herb, or a pre-made mix of green and red herbs. You find yellow herbs spread all across the game’s three regions, and we’ll show you further below where you can find all of those.

First, we want to give you one important tip: you can buy one yellow herb from the Merchant’s Shop. But you don’t buy it with Pesetas, instead you can trade Resident Evil 4 Spinel for them. Go to the Merchant's Trade panel, where you can exchange 3 Spinels, which you get as rewards for completing requests, for the herb.

Resident Evil 4 Yellow Herb Locations

Resident Evil 4 Sales
The Resident Evil 4 Remake is already a huge success. | © Capcom

Now we will show you the locations of the other yellow herbs in Resident Evil 4, divided by the three main regions in the game: Village, Castle and Island.

Village Yellow Herbs

Mountain Village: Inside the first house to your left

Quarry/Fish Farm: Head past the Merchant to the small dockyard with the boat. You can find the herb in a small shack here.

Lake: Found in one of the side tunnels near the treasure icon at the Large Cave Shrine.

Village Chief's House: Once Ashley is with you, return to the bedroom on the second floor and have her bring down the ladder. The Yellow Herb is on top of a crate.

Valley: You can find this herb on a wooden walkway overlooking the work area.

Castle Yellow Herbs

Audience Hall: In one of the dressers on the first floor.

Courtyard Room: You can find this one after the Castle Battlements section and the second El Gigante encounter. Once the next chapter begins, you'll see a Yellow Herb next to a gramophone.

Castle Battlements: Return to the battlements area and make your way to the opposite ramparts.

Depths: After fighting off sea creatures, follow the path to the structure and kick the ruined wall. You'll find the Yellow Herb in a small nook.

Clock Tower: Slowly walk across the wooden beams and take out the crossbowmen. Look to your left to find a Merchant and The Yellow Herb on a desk next to him.

Island Yellow Herbs

Wharf/Cave: After you get past the Wharf area with spotlights and laser turrets, you'll enter a cavern. The plant is in a small nook off to the side.

Incubation Lab: The Yellow Herb is next to some bookshelves just before the room with the four Regenerators in their stasis tanks.