Sons of the Forest: Every Armor Type And Crafting Guide

We have the guide for all armor types available in Sons of the Forest. For a longer and safer playing experience.

Sons of the Forest tech armor
Sons of the Forest: How to craft Armor | © Endnight Games

In Sons of the Forest, armor is essential for survival and provides crucial protection against enemy attacks and dangerous wildlife.

It is crucial to acquire suitable armor early in the game. Basic armor can be crafted easily, but more advanced armor requires extensive effort and resources.

In games like Modern Warfare or Atomic Heart, weapons might save you, but in Sons of the Forest it's a different story. You need more help against this hostile island.

What you need to know about the armor in general is that there are six distinct types of armor available in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest: Armor Types

Having even basic protection can be crucial to surviving the first few days in the wild.

To make it to the end of Endnight's cannibal-filled nightmare, you'll need sturdy armor that can withstand attacks from powerful mutants.

Sons of the Forest weapons won't always be enough for you to survive. Without adequate protection, you could meet an untimely demise after just a few blows.

Fortunately, there are six types of armor available in the game, each with varying degrees of effectiveness.

  • Golden Armor
  • Tech Armor,
  • Creepy Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Leaf Armor

Whether you prefer to craft your own armor or find it in the game, there are plenty of options that suit your needs.

Golden Armor

The Golden Armor is a special and valuable item in Sons of the Forest that serves both as a vanity and progression item.

This armor provides good protection against enemies, and unlike other armor options, like the Tech Armor, it cannot be damaged or broken.

Once you obtain the Golden Armor, you can keep it permanently.

However, acquiring this armor is not an easy feat, and it can only be obtained in the late stages of the game.

The Golden Armor is a visually stunning piece of armor that resembles a full-body medieval armor plated with gold, offering complete protection from head to toe.

Featured sons of the forest golden armor
The golden Armor | © Endnight Games

To obtain the Golden Armor in Sons of The Forest, you must first reach the second Cave level located in the southeast of the map. However, accessing the Cave requires the Maintenance Keycard. To reach the location you can use the GPS to navigate to the right point.

  • Enter the Cave and proceed until you reach a Locked door.
  • Use the Maintenance Keycard to access the first level.
  • Continue down the pathway until you encounter a yellow-colored door. Passing through it will trigger a cut scene. Be prepared to face a large number of enemies.
  • Head straight into the hall and take the first corridor on the right.
  • Follow the corridor to reach level 2.
  • Proceed straight ahead and bypass the first entrance.
  • Take a right turn near the second entrance to enter a room where you will find the Golden Armor lying on a couch.

Tech Armor

In order to obtain Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest, players must gather Tech Mesh, Wire, Circuit Board, Duct Tape, and Batteries.

Once these items are acquired, they can be combined to create one piece of Tech Armor. To fully cover the player's body, a total of 10 pieces per material mentioned above are required.

However, obtaining Tech Mesh may prove to be challenging as it cannot be found through looting around the map. The other necessary resources can be found at the helicopter crash site and various landmarks, cannibal camps, and other looting spots.

To obtain Tech Mesh, players must locate the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest. By using the 3D printer, Tech Mesh can be created for 250ml of Printer Resin. The 3D printer initially has 850ml of Printer Resin, with an additional 200ml available on nearby shelves.

With these resources, players can craft four pieces of Tech Armor immediately, and can search for more Printer Resin scattered throughout the map.

Creepy Armor

This armor is abundant on the island and can be found in any cave.

However, obtaining it isn't easy as you'll need to kill mutants that look different from normal ones, with large mouth-like openings on their torsos.

These mutants can be found in caves, and they lunge forward during combat, so you'll need to be prepared to dodge and strike.

Once defeated, skin them by pressing “E” on your keyboard, and you'll receive one piece of Creepy Armor.

Check your inventory to the far right to locate it, and click to equip it. The pink bars beside your health bars indicate your current armor level, and equipping more pieces will increase the number of bars, providing greater protection against damage.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor is considered one of the best armor types to use in the early stages of the game.

This is because you won't be able to craft more powerful mesh armor, and other armor types like leaf and flesh armor are not very effective. To craft Bone Armor, you will need:

  • Four bones
  • One rope
  • One tape.

You can combine these items in the inventory menu and press the gear to craft the armor.

It's important to note that Bone Armor needs to be crafted one segment at a time, as you can only carry a limited amount of bones in your inventory.

However, there is a way to get an infinite supply of bones. You can do this by killing cannibals and throwing their bodies onto a campfire. After a minute or so, the body will burn completely, leaving behind a mass of bones that you can collect. Even a single body can provide enough bones to craft two pieces of Bone Armor.

Burning bodies also has the added benefit of providing you with skulls. While skulls can be found in caves, burning bodies is a more reliable way of acquiring them. You can use the skull to create an intimidating club by combining it with sticks and tape.

This mace with a face can be used to scare away cannibals, who will back away from you if you're wielding it.

Hide Armor

Hide Armor is a good option for players who want decent protection but don't want to rely on Bone Armor. Although it provides slightly less protection than Bone Armor, it still offers a solid defense against enemy attacks.

Hide Armor is an equippable item that enhances the player's stealth capabilities. To craft Hide Armor, you will need:

  • Two pieces of Animal Hide
  • One piece of Cloth.

While Cloth can be found lying around in various places, Animal Hide is a bit more difficult to come by. You will need to go hunting for deer or moose in the forest to obtain it.

Once you have gathered the required materials, you can craft the Hide Armor using the crafting menu. Simply select the Animal Hide and Cloth, and combine them to create the armor.

Overall, Hide Armor is a good mid-level armor option that provides a decent amount of protection without requiring the player to hunt down large amounts of bones.

Leaf Armor

The simplest type of armor is Leaf Armor and it only requires you to get two items: leaves and cloth.

Leaves are easily obtained by chopping down nearby shrubs with an axe, while cloth can be found in various enemy camps, caves, and marked locations.

Once you have obtained these materials, you can craft Leaf Armor by placing 10 leaves and a piece of cloth into the crafting area located in the bottom left of your inventory.

Cloth is not a naturally occurring resource, so you will need to actively search for it, but it is plentiful once you find it. Keep an eye out for cases scattered throughout the game map as they are a good source of cloth.

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