Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Revealed At PlayStation Showcase

Spider-Man is up there alongside God of War as one of the elite PlayStation exclusives, so it was completely unsurprising to see Spider-Man 2 at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase.

Spider Man 2
Gameplay for Spider-Man 2 has been revealed! | © Sony

Spider-Man 2 is almost upon us. This is surely going to be the game that pushes the PS5 to its technical limitations, and we are hyped with a capital H.

At the most recent PlayStation showcase we were finally given a look at the gameplay of Spider-Man 2, check it out below.

  • If the showcase taught us anything it's that you're going to need a PS5 going forward; PS4 support is now a thing of the past.

Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Trailer

Spider-Man 2 will feature character-swapping like GTA V, check it out in the extended gameplay trailer below:

What do you think? Worth getting excited about just yet, or do you still want to see more of this game?

For a full rundown of everything else at the show, you can find a minute-by-minute recap here. You'll be pleased to know it was a great show overall, with nothing as wacky/sh*t as this on display:

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