Star Wars Eclipse Details Intentionally Leaked

Story details for the much-anticipated Quantic Dream game Star Wars Eclipse were leaked online. But... there seems to be a twist to the whole story.

A Sith and a Jedi crossing lightsabers
New details about Star Wars Eclipse were leaked online. | © Quantic Dream

New details on Star Wars Eclipse, the mysterious new game by infamous developer Quantic Dream, have leaked online. This leak alleges to reveal first details of the game's story and a new race, that hasn't been in Star Wars before. We have all the details on that below – including an interesting twist to the whole story.

Star Wars Eclipse Details Leaked By Developers to "Gauge Reactions"

Famous internet man Colin Moriarty revealed on his podcast Sacred Symbols some brand-new information on the much-anticipated Star Wars Eclipse. According to this report, the game will focus on the main character Sarah and her partner Xendo, who are part of the human-like Zaraan, a brand-new race in the Star Wars universe.

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The story is set to revolve around the relationship between the two characters and their different views in how to govern the empire of the Zaraan, a violent and aggressive people. It is unclear, how much of this outline will end up actually making it into the final game, as Eclipse is "not even really in production yet", according to Moriarty. The game still seems to be years away, so don't hold your breath for a release within the next... five years?

After this initial report, Tom Henderson's Insider Gaming claimed to have been able to verify what Moriarty said about the game. However, they also added the interesting tidbit that this was apparently leaked by the developers themselves, in what Henderson describes as "a 'controlled leak' to gauge community reactions and to help with Quantic’s talent recruitment efforts".

Leaks are literally everywhere in the video game, but developers deliberately leaking things to check out the reaction? A really strange move by Quantic Dream, who had a hard time keeping their image up in the public eye after multiple lawsuits surrounding allegations of rampant sexism and racism at the studio.

What do you think about the revealed details? Do they make you more excited for Eclipse? Let us know in the comments.

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