The Division Heartland Is Coming To PC

There's another entry in The Division franchise on the way, and it looks absolutely amazing. But can your PC run this upcoming game? Let's find out.

The Division Heartland
Can your PC run The Division Heartland? Let's find out. | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

In May 2021, Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment confirmed that they’re developing The Division Heartland for next-generation consoles. However, details regarding this game’s development schedule have been scarce. We don’t know the official release date, but everything suggests that The Division Heartland will launch by 2022/23.

Inside sources have indicated that Red Storm Entertainment has neared the completion stage of its development schedule. For example, The Division Heartland could launch today with few problems, but that wouldn’t guarantee immediate success for this game. Instead, Ubisoft has allowed Red Storm Entertainment the time needed to fine-tune The Division Heartland into an AAA+ title.

PC Gamers like ourselves will favor the increased development time, as glitches and complications should never happen. Hopefully, Red Storm Entertainment won’t repeat this common mistake with The Division Heartland.

When Is The Division Heartland Coming To The PC?

We’ll have the option to install Red Storm Entertainment’s upcoming game through Steam or Ubisoft Connect. But when will that installation be available? We don’t know, as Ubisoft hasn’t identified the official release date for their upcoming survival-themed shooter.

This is disappointing for anyone wanting to purchase this game right now. But don’t worry; there’s an entire guide on EarlyGame that identifies everything you need to know about The Division Heartland. If you want to experience this game, we’d recommend looking through this guide. It’s pretty informative.

Which PC Features Will The Division Heartland Have?

Co-Op in The Division
Get your team, it's almost time to stand amongst the best in The Division Heartland. | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to suggest that The Division Heartland will have PC-exclusive features. Instead, this version of the game should have similar gameplay options to its next-generation counterpart. But this isn’t a bad thing, as Red Storm Entertainment has created some incredible gameplay modes for The Division Heartland.

Red Storm Entertainment has designed The Division Heartland with two multiplayer modes named Storm and Excursion. Surprisingly, both gameplay modes share similarities with Apex Legends and Warzone. You’ll find that there’s a need to loot various locations on a large-scale map named Silver Creek. But remember, you have to survive & defeat your enemies to stand victorious over the Storm or Excursion Battle Royales.

Is The Division Heartland Coming To The Steam Deck?

Solo in The Divison
Will you team up with friends or go solo in The Division Heartland? | © Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment

It’s almost guaranteed that we’ll be capable of running The Division Heartland on the Steam Deck. We cannot say if this title will be fully supported through the Steam Deck. There could be an associated risk to downloading this game, as Valve recommends which games are best for their console. If that recommendation hasn’t been provided for The Division Heartland, it could mean that overheating issues could occur.

We're confident this won’t be an issue with this survival-themed shooter, though. It’s possible to play games like Elden Ring, God of War, and Hot Wheels Unleashed through the Steam Deck. That means it would make perfect sense for The Division Heartland to launch alongside this mobile console. However, we won’t have any official guarantees until launch day.

Game Trailer

Here’s where things get disappointing. Red Storm Entertainment hasn’t released an official trailer for The Division Heartland. This game has remained in secrecy since being announced in May 2021. Even worse, we know that E3 2022 is cancelled.

It could be sometime before a trailer is officially launched, and that’s somewhat upsetting. Like ourselves, I’m sure you were excited to see any footage of this upcoming game. But don’t worry, we’ve got a reference point with The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion.

Game System Requirements

The secrecy surrounding this game has resulted in us being unable to provide you with an accurate description of system requirements. Unfortunately, the GPUs and CPUs needed to run The Division Heartland at its maximum settings could not be available right now. We may have to upgrade our PCs to AMDs or Nvidia’s next-generation of graphic cards.

Here’s hoping upgrades won’t be needed and that components like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 3060 will be enough.